On Sept. 11, I remember the Pentagon first.

This is an excellent piece from the Post that encapsulates the quiet acceptance and abandonment that is the DC 9-11 experience.

Personally, I remember smelling the smoke on the Metro as we passed the Pentagon on my way to work for the next week and a half. It was ingrained in the smell of the tunnels for longer than most people think. And the Metro cars became an impromptu form of therapy and group support as people shared stories of the day, people lost, and memories form. Tourists short weeks after that were visiting the Pentagon memorial that sprung up – flower crosses and handwritten memos – and shocked that not only can you get off at the Pentagon, but you can see the building and the memorial.

9/11 has become all about New York — with D.C. and the Pentagon nearly forgotten (The Washington Post)

To see the new 9/11 Memorial at Ground Zero in New York City, visitors will need timed-entry tickets; almost all of them for the first week were snapped up well in advance of next Sunday’s opening. To see the Pentagon Memorial, next to the spot where American Airlines Flight 77 punched a 75-foot-wide hole through the building’s west wall a decade ago, visitors must walk through a long tunnel under an interstate highway and then through a vast parking lot. When they arrive, their chances of having the memorial to themselves are excellent.

In a 10th-anniversary edition of a Life magazine book commemorating that tragic day, the story of the attack on the Pentagon merits five out of 208 pages. In “Project Rebirth,” a new book and documentary film telling the stories of Sept. 11 survivors who have been interviewed each year since the attacks, every one of the people profiled experienced the attacks in New York.

In history books, documentaries and news accounts and across popular culture, the shift toward an almost exclusive focus on the New York part of the 9/11 story has been steady and relentless. Amid hundreds of hours of programming in this week’s many television tributes, there are only nominal mentions of the Pentagon attack.


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