If it stops spinning, we’ll all fall off

So, yes, more news of the world. Sort of a regular thing. The same caveats apply – these are just the stories that caught my eye.

International Space Station/Outer Space

Russian Space Station Cargo Ship Crashes (Discovery News)

Cab Service to the International Space Station Will Begin Ahead of Schedule (i09)

Russia and Europe to Send Man to Mars? (Discovery News)


Ethiopian journalist outed in unredacted WikiLeaks dump is now in trouble (Boing boing).


Australian TV show challenges agencies to make TV commercials about banning religion


Ethiopian journalist outed in unredacted WikiLeaks dump is now in trouble (Boing boing)


Pirate Party wins 14(ish) seats in Berlin parliament (boing boing)


Silvio Berlusconi prostitution-ring wiretaps: sex with eight women in one night, “I’m only prime minister in my spare time” (boing boing)


Ishinomaki education board destroyed interview memos with tsunami survivors (ontd_political)

The Netherlands

Dutch authorities report that Diginotar hack issued hundreds of bogus certs for CIA, Google, Twitter, and other giants


Music, Activism and the Peruvian Cabinet


Women’s sex-strike ends civil war (sex vs violence) (boing boing)


Russian oligarch sucker-punches rival billionaire on talk show (boing boing)


Drunk Moose OK After Sliding Out of Tree (Discovery News)

United Kingdom

London cops use Official Secrets Act to demand identities of journalists’ confidential sources (Boing boing)

Tesco threatens journalist with arrest for writing down prices (boing boing)


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