Recipe Roundup October 2011

Chocolate Strawberry Shortcake (Rock Recipes) — Chocolate, Strawberries, is there anything better? Well, yes, chocolate *cake* too. Not just chocolate syrup drizzled over the top of your normal cake. (Of course, this being a Southern shortcake, not at all what I normally think of as strawberry shortcake, but needs must.)

Lamb Shanks with Les Mogettes de Vendee (Cooking in Sens) – This looks mouth-watering. I love lamb, even if I’m the only one in the family that loves it with enough to do the work on it. 🙂

General Tso’s Chicken (Simply Delicious) – I really hope that this tastes as good as it looks.

Jamie Oliver’s Stuffed Rack of Lamb (Cooking in Sens) – More lamb, yummy, yummy lamb.

Zucchini Parmesan (Savvima) – I have a zucchini plant. Therefore, I must collect recipes.

Glazed Quail and Potato-Turnip Puree (Cooking In Sens) — I’m seriously drooling already. I just need to find quail for a reasonable price.

Banana-Macadamia Nut Upside-Down Cake Spiked with Dark Rum — Found a really nice spiced rum that would be just great in this.


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