Occupy the World ( #OccupyWallStreet )

This movement keeps going. It’s a strange, organic creature, which has even attracted the attention of MTV. *shakes head*

You *must* read at least some of what’s going down in Oakland.

I’m trying to catch things, but as always, this is just what I’ve managed to grab hold of. It’s in no way complete. There’s just too much – a tsunami of information.


How Occupy has shifted the national debate (Boing Boing)

Of course Occupy has a message (Boing BOing)

The ‘We are the 53%’ Tumblr is Heartbreaking (ontd_political)

Protesters lose generators amid Occupy crackdowns nationwide (ontd_political)

Occupy Wall Street roundup for Friday, Oct. 28 (Boing BOing)

How Homelessness Became an Occupy Wall Street Issue (ontd_Political)

#OccupyTheNewsroom (Slacktivist)

Naomi Wolf, Occupy Wall Street, and Oppression (Guest Voice) (The Moderate Voice)

Hollywood on Wall Street (ontd_political)

“Cookie Monster” Offers Best Explanation Yet for Occupy Wall Street (ontd_political)

Ten Protesters In Ten Days: Gary Bedard’s Occupy Sketches (Turnstyle News)

Another way the rich are different (Slacktivist)

One-percenter: why I support Occupy (Boing Boing)

The Vatican Meets the Occupiers (The Moderate Voice)

OWS’s Beef: Wall Street Isn’t Winning – It’s Cheating (ontd_political)

Rushkoff: OWS is not a protest, but a prototype for a new way of living (Boing Boing).

No real than you are (Slactivist)

Don’t EVEN Get Me Started, Mythical Bootstraps College Student (Ontd_political)

Measuring News Consumer Interest Around Occupy Wall Street (The Moderate Voice)

The 53%: We are NOT Occupy Wall Street (ontd_political)

Long Island, NY couple files trademark for “Occupy Wall St.,” branded “hobo bags” are on the way (Boing Boing)

The Wild Ride of the 1% (ontd_political)

Wall Street threatens to become a productive member of society (The Moderate Voice)

GRAPHS: Who Has the POWER? (ontd_political)

OWS: The Connections are Wide and Deep (The Moderate Voice)

We Are The 99%: Chinese American Youth Edition (Racialicious)

Overreacting Police (Again) Sustain Occupy Wall Street Protests (The Moderate Voice)

Occupy the No-Spin Zone (ontd_political)

Occupy Liberty (new Lalo Alcaraz Occupy Wall Street poster) (Boing Boing)

    United States


“How Occupy Wall Street Cost Me My Job” (Boing Boing)

MTV’s ‘True Life’ To Explore Occupy Wall Street Zuccotti Park… (ontd_political)

MTV to launch “Occupy Wall Street” reality TV show (Boing Boing)

Jay Smooth on #OccupyWallStreet and Outing the Ringers (Racialicious)

Internets Celebrities visits Occupy Wall Street (Boing Boing)

Right-wing media sting hitman O’Keefe targets Clay Shirky, Jay Rosen over Occupy Wall Street (Boing Boing)


Occupy Atlanta Raided Late Last Night (ontd_Political)


Hungry for Jobs and for Change, Scientists Join the Occupy Movement (Scientific American)


Chicago traders taunt ‘Occupy Chicago’ protesters with ‘We are Wall Street’ leaflets (ontd_Political)

130 Occupy protesters arrested in Chicago. (ontd_political)


Detroit protesters block trucks on bridge (ontd_political)


Mike Godwin’s first-person account: “What Happened at Occupy Oakland” (Boing BOing)

Oakland Police Chief Resigns (ontd_political)

Scott Olsen, Iraq veteran injured in police raid of Occupy Oakland: how you can help (Boing Boing)

Occupy Oakland protester Scott Olsen awake ahead of brain surgery (The Guardian)

Oakland police: controversial history sets tone for city’s discord (ontd_political)

Occupy Oakland: 10 questions police must answer over Scott Olsen injuries (ontd_political)

Oakland Police Have Fucked With The Wrong People: Marines Enraged (ontd_political)

Rogue Drummers, Disobedient Cops, Oakland Evictions: An Occupy Round-Up (Boing Boing)

Occupy Oakland: Riot police use tear gas, other nonlethal weapons on protestors (Boing Boing)

Occupy Oakland: Police raid encampment, arrest dozens (Ontd_political)

Police raid on Occupy Oakland: the morning after (Boing Boing)

Occupy Oakland: video shows police officer throwing “flash grenade” into crowd trying to help injured protester (Boing Boing)

Oakland Police Critically Injure Iraq War Vet During Occupy March (ontd_political)

Dozens of Occupy Oakland protesters arrested in dawn raid (Boing Boing)


Latest Right-Wing OWS Theory: The Muslim Brotherhood Is Behind Occupy Orlando (ontd_political)

Orange County, CA

Orange County city council unanimous: Occupy tents are a form of speech (Boing Boing)


Australia does need an Occupy Movement based on its own issues (ontd_political)



Did British hacks fabricate “empty camp” story? (Boing Boing)

Canon of St Paul’s resigns over plans to evict OccupyLondon (Boing Boing)

Debunking the OccupyLondon “empty tents” story (Boing Boing)

Protest And Occupation: Billy Bragg Interviewed On The Future Of The Left (ontd_political)

    Middle East


Egyptians march from Tahrir Square to support Occupy Oakland protestors (Boing BOing)


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