Still Occupying

Okay, I totally didn’t get all of the articles into the last post that I mean to. This one will hopefully make up some of the difference.


Shoemaker Kenneth Cole launches non-fake #OWS ad campaign (Boing Boing)

Laurie Penny talks #OWS with a Goldman-Sachs mouthpiece, totally crushes it (Boing Boing)

John Boehner and the Lobbying Firm Planning to Undermine Occupy Wall Street (The Moderate Voice)

Police Executive Research Forum: We aren’t involved in guiding Occupy crackdowns. Oh wait, yes we are (Boing Boing)

If They Enforced Bank Regulation Like They Do Park Rules … (The Moderate Voice)

Occupy the Majority (The Moderate Voice)

Let the Hero, born of woman, crush the serpent with his heel (The Moderate Voice)

Memo to American Bankers Association from lobbyists spells out $850,000 anti-OWS plan (Boing Boing)

Measuring Pepper Spray on the Scoville scale of chili pepper hotness (Boing Boing)

Occupy “Bat Signal for the 99%” light projections: the “making of” video, shot by Mark Read and crew (Boing Boing)

Spray Anything: Marketing Crowd Control to Cops
(Mother Jones)

Open letter from an Army vet to military servicepeople: what will you do when they send you to fight Occupy? (Boing Boing)

Psychology of pepper spray (Boing Boing)

The Pepper Spray Myth (The Moderate Voice)

The dronecam revolution will be webcast: Interview with Tim Pool of “The Other 99” (Boing Boing)

Why “earn” is a poor word-choice when describing the profits of the 1% (Boing BOing)

What the evidence says about pepper spray safety (Boing Boing)

Parsing the Data and Ideology of the We Are 99% Tumblr (Rorty Bomb)


Shepard Fairey Designs ‘Occupy Hope’ Poster, Replaces Obama’s Face With ‘V for Vendetta’ Mask (LA Weekly)

Kickstarter for documentary on the global protest movement (Boing Boing)

Tent Hope (Boing Boing)

Occupy 1-2-3, a DIY mini-kids-book about Occupy- (Boing Boing)

Revolutionary Convergences: History and Symbolism in Anonymous and OWS Art (Rhizome)

Pepper-Spray Meme (humor and satire)

Occupy Lulz (Boing BOing)

After pepper-spraying incident, UC Davis redesigns website (Boing Boing)

“A Pepper Spray Thanksgiving,” Norman Rockwell’s long-lost Saturday Evening Post cover (Boing Boing)

Breaking: Occupy Lulz/Pepper Spray Cop meme continues to be funny (Boing Boing) $eview of Defense Technology 56895 MK-9 Pepper Spray Stream, 1.3%… (Brad deLong)

UC Davis course catalog, pepper spray edition (Boing Boing)

Pepper-spraying cop gets Photoshop justice: Xeni’s Guardian op-ed on meme-ing of UC Davis police brutality (Boing Boing)

Ho, ho, ho, well if it isn’t fat stinking billygoat Billyboy? (Boing Boing)

Flow Your Tears (Scifi LOL)

Video Animation: Pepper Spray! A Delicious Form of Crowd Control (The Moderate Voice)

Pepper spraying The Beatles? Occupy protest cop becomes an internet craze (The Daily Mail)


BNY Mellon Party Favor Notes, “We’ve been occupying Wall Street for 227 years.” (The Moderate Voice)

In NYC, Kafka-licious policies say press can avoid arrest by getting press pass they can’t get (Boing Boing)

AFP blocks YouTube embed of own reporter getting arrested (Boing BOing)

AFP journalist films her own arrest at Occupy protest in NYC (Boing Boing)

NYPD press credentialling process: labyrinthine and defeating, by design (Boing Boing)


Court: OccupyBoston can stay, but has to appoint mediators and abide by final ruling (Boing BOing)


UC Berkeley police give “Beat Poets” new meaning: poet laureate Robert Hass on his violent encounter (Boing Boing)

Massive rally at UC Davis, some protesters carrying “pepper-spraying cop” meme-signs (Boing Boing)

Michael O’Hare: “University of California Protests and, um, Leadership” (Brad deLong)

Video remix: UC Davis pepper spray incident viewed from 4 different perspectives (Boing Boing)

Department of English, UC Davis, Calls for the Immediate Resignation of Chancellor Katehi (Brad deLong)

UC Davis police chief placed on leave after excessive force allegations (Security Director News)

University Chancellor meets students (Boing Boing)

One day after pepper-spraying, UC Davis students silently, peacefully confront Chancellor Katehi (Boing Boing)

After police violence, UC Davis students plan large rally Monday (Boing Boing)

UC Davis chancellor Katehi issues statement on police pepper-spraying of student protesters (Boing Boing)

Interview with a pepper-sprayed UC Davis student (Boing Boing)

Pepper Spray Story From UC Davis Will Not Go Quietly Into The Night (The Moderate Voice)


Blazing de-bullshitification of the arguments for militarized campus police forces (Boing BOing)


CUNY police bully peaceful Baruch College students during OWS protest over unfair labor practices, tuition hikes (Boing Boing)


Jean Quan and the Death of Asian America (Racialicious)

    United Kingdom


Britain’s Occupy movement picks up steam (Boing BOing)


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