World Events, but no 2011 summary – sorry. :)

So, I’m not going to analyze the year’s events. And when I say no summary, I’ll point out that *I’m* not summarizing anything. Still, my one big thought looking over the year? Beware of protesters. They’ll make s*** happen.


Bolivian police say brother and sister killed sibling in attempted exorcism (The Washington Post)

Cabo Verde

Cesaria Evora, 1941-2011 (Boing Boing)


Canadian Republicans? (The Moderate Voice)


Chinese village evicts police, army, Party officials (Boing Boing)

The Two Faces of China (the Moderate Voice)

China’s Future is Up in the Air (The Moderate Voice)

Is China’s Rise Inevitable? (The Moderate Voice)


How Egypt’s Nude Revolutionary Delivered a Stick of Dynamite (Racialicious)

Egypt’s Progress (The Moderate Voice)

The economic factors behind Arab Spring revolutions and why Mubarak was right (The Moderate Voice)

‘Virginity Tests’ Banned in Army Prisons (Discovery News) — FINALLY! I won’t say more on this b/c the whole issue makes me foam at the mouth.


Munich’s Mail System Has A Big Dog Poop Problem (Consumerist)

Anti-fascists brick up Neo-Nazi politician’s front door (Ontd_political)


Iranian TV shows downed US drone (Boing BOing)

Iran Claims Shooting-down of US Spy Plane (UPDATES) (The Moderate Voice)


Blackwater and co Iraq data-dump: mercenaries shot a judge with impunity, used bullets as hand signals, were not disciplined as this “would lower morale” (Boing Boing)

Secret Haditha Massacre Documents Are A Fitting Coda To The End Of Iraq War (The Moderate Voice)

Article about the Baghdad Country Club (Boing Boing)

The Coming Iraqi Storm (Al Iraq News, Iraq (The Moderate Voice)


No. The Irish Economy Is Not Recovering (Brad deLong)

North Korea

Why the Kim Jong-un Regime is ‘Doomed’ (The Daily North Korea, South Korea) (The Moderate Voice)


Disastrous Friendly Fire Event in Pakistan Could Grind the U.S. Afghan Campaign to a Halt (Guest Voice) (The Moderate Voice)


Peruvian mayor: strontium in water makes you gay (Boing Boing)


Putin is Better than Goldman Sachs (Komsomolskaya Pravda, Russia) (The Moderate Voice)

Russia Botches Another Rocket Launch (Discovery News)

Putin Fires Chief Strategist: Battens Down the Hatches (The Moderate Voice)

Bad Vlad Back in the USSR (The MOderate Voice)

Bots flood Twitter with noise to drown out anti-Kremlin tweets (Boing Boing)

Putin Suffers Blow In Russian Elections (The Moderate Voice)

United Kingdom

400-year-old Pendle witch cottage discovered (Boing Boing)

Tourist trap dungeon’s skeleton turns out to be real (Boing Boing)

Has There Ever Been a Worse Politician than Nicholas Clegg? (Brad deLong)

Paul Krugman on British Debt and the Need for Austerity (Brad deLong)

British Austerity: The Past Weighs Like a Nightmare on the Brains of Cameron and Osborne Blogging (Brad deLong)


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