TSA Tribulations

I haven’t done one of these in awhile, but really people, did you think the idiots were going away? TSA needs a good swift smack with a judicial ban-hammer. Just look at all the pretty lawsuits they’re courting.

TSA confiscates cupcake, calls frosting a “gel” (Boing Boing)

Smoke Screening (Vanity Fair)

Proposed law prohibits TSA employees from dressing like cops (Boing Boing)

Happy Birthday or Leave Me Alone? The TSA at the Ten-Year Mark (The Moderate Voice)

TSA Breaks Its Own Rules, Removes Elderly Woman’s Back Brace (Reason.com)

Lawmakers Ask TSA To Place Passenger Advocates In Airports (Consumerist)

TSA Thinks Fake Gun On Your Handbag Is A Security Threat (Consumerist) — Really people? I mean *really?*

Terrorist Threats to Commercial Aviation: A Contemporary Assessment (Combating Terrorism Center)

The below aren’t necessarily TSA related, but they are *airport* related, so I’m putting them here:

Senator Introduces Two Bills To Curb Checked Bag Fees (Consumerist)


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