Still Occupied

Although the number of stories that are coming out of the Occupy movement has died down, it doesn’t mean the movement is over. Here’s what I’ve gotten a peek at:

Banker Leaves Waitress One Percent Tip With Note “Get a Real Job” (The Moderate Voice) — Want to know why people are still ticked off? It’s because of people like this asshole. (You know, I’d censor myself like I often do, but I really think I’m just calling them as I see them.)

When Dad is a One Percenter (Guest Voice) (The Moderate Voice)

C.S. Lewis and Occupy Wall Street (Slacktivist)

Homeland Security memo warned of violent threat posed by Occupy Wall Street (Boing Boing)

OWS Prepares to Occupy Martin Luther King Jr. Day (Daily Finance)

Martin Luther King in the Era of Occupy (Religion Dispatches)


Police raid on Occupy DC (Boing Boing)


Journalist arrested covering Occupy Miami eviction recovers arrest-video deleted by police (Boing Boing)


OccupyMN Helps Save Home From Foreclosure (CBS)


Occupy London protesters evicted from St Paul’s square (Boing Boing)

Occupy London says St Paul’s Cathedral colluded with eviction effort Boing Boing)


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