Trayvon Martin Round-up

Okay, I’ve been putting off this post because I really couldn’t stop getting incandescently angry every time I read a new story. But it’s really important. And it’s not the only important story of its type. It’s just that people are actually *paying attention* to this one. well, finally. Good. I will wait for the final verdict and the final evidence before making my final judgment. But I’m really lucky that I won’t be called to be on the jury, because I don’t think I’ll be able to stop my gut reaction to think logically and clearly about the evidence.

However, there are some very troubling things about Florida’s “stand your ground” law that I don’t even need to know this story to be leery of.

I want to write something even handed and not full of vitriol. But I can’t.

So, I’m just going to link the heck out of this. Most of these links are op-eds. Even the articles can’t help but slant. Some of them are better than others. Your mileage may vary.

Political Cartoons

Florida Trayvon Martin Shooting (The Moderate Voice)

It’s 11PM in Florida (The Moderate Voice)

Trayvon Martin Right to Life (The Moderate Voice)

Trayvon (The Moderate Voice)

Stand Your Ground Before He Stands His Ground (The Moderate Voice)

Personal Commentary

For Trayvon and Emmett: My “Walking While Black” stories (ontd_political)

Skittles Speaks Out On Trayvon Martin Tragedy (ontd_political)

Black friend defends shooter of Florida teen (ontd_political)

O’Reilly Defends Geraldo Rivera On Hoodie (ontd-Political) — You’re an a**hole too, O’Reilly.

Zimmerman Friend Defends Racial Slur (ontd_Political)

Quote of the Day: Scarborough on the Sanford, Florida Police Department’s Handling of Trayvon Martin Killing (The Moderate Voice)

Geraldo Rivera Jumps Shark: Suggests Trayvon Martin’s Hoodie Contributed to Death (The Moderate Voice) — Dear, Geraldo, you’re an a**hole.

If we can’t see your face, black people, then you’re up to something (ontd_Political) — Yup, still an a**hole, G.

Geraldo Rivera Apologizes For Trayvon Martin Comments (ontd_political) — Sorry, Geraldo, you’re still an a**hole

Toward justice for Trayvon Martin — and for all children (Slacktivist)

What Exactly Happened With Trayvon Martin? (The Moderate Voice)

Repeal the ‘Stand Your Ground’ Laws (The Moderate Voice)

Obama’s Son (The Moderate Voice)

To Be Black in America (The Moderate Voice)

We really need to stop shooting our children (Janet Reid)

Daily rage: Rush Limbaugh on Trayvon Martin. (Ontd_political)

Progress Report (Rejectionist)


Collection Post for the Trayvon Martin Case (ontd_political)

The Sketchiness Continues (ontd_political)

Lawmaker Cut Off For Wearing Hoodie on House Floor (ontd_political)

Zimmerman’s Lawyer Chickens out, The Last Word Interviews his Chair (ontd_political)

George Zimmerman on Police Surveillance (ontd_political)

Trayvon Martin Murder: Inflammatory Rhetoric by Rev. Jesse Jackson, Others and Leaks Threaten to Take Focus Off Crucial Issues (The Moderate Voice)

Pictures and Prejudice in the Trayvon Martin Case (The Moderate Voice)

New Trayvon Martin Surveillance Video: Video on Night of Killing Shows No Zimmerman Injuries (The Moderate Voice)

New Trayvon Martin Case Witness Claims Zimmerman Held Down Trayvon After Shooting Him and Did Nothing to Help Him (The Moderate Voice)

Trayvon Martin Reaches The Sports Pages–And Online Hoaxes (Racialicious)

New Trayvon Martin Twist: Anonymous Witness Reportedly Tells Police Martin Attacked Zimmerman (The Moderate Voice)

[Updated] How The Trayvon Martin Case Unfolded (The Moderate Voice)

[Update 4] Trayvon Martin: The Three-Week Old Story, Politics and Florida’s Right-To-Kill Law (The Moderate Voice)

Nearly every major conservative blog ignoring the Trayvon Martin killing
(The Moderate Voice)

Trayvon Martin Killing Fallout: Florida Governor Appoints New Prosecutor and Two Sanford Officials Facing Recall (UPDATED) (The Moderate Voice)

BREAKING: Sanford, Florida Police Chief “Temporarily” Steps Down Amid Trayvon Martin Murder Furor (The Moderate Voice)

Peace March for Trayvon Martin in Florida (Racialicious)

Million Hoodie March for Trayvon Martin under way in NYC (Boing Boing)

IMAGES: The Million Hoodie March (Racialicious)

Announcement/Open Thread: The Million Hoodie March (Racialicious)

Trayvon (UPDATED) (The moderate Voice)

The murder of Trayvon Martin (Boing Boing)

Furor Over Trayvon Martin Murder Leads to Justice Dept. Investigation (The Moderate Voice)

Trayvon Martin: The killing of an American child (Slacktivist)

White Supremacist Hacks Trayvon Martin’s Email Account, Leaks Messages Online (ontd_political) — classy. You’re going to leak the email account of a minor. Hope that works out for you idjit

Hundreds March for Trayvon Martin (ontd_political)


Beyond Trayvon Martin: Calls For Justice Surface For Other Senseless Deaths (Racialicious)

Shining A Light On ALEC (The Moderate Voice)

For Obama, a Racial Flashback (The Moderate Voice)

Armed and Mentally Off: The Public Dialogue Again Emphasizes the Weakest Point, Obfuscating Effective Change (The Moderate Voice)

The Devaluation Of Black Life (Racialicious)

Black Marine Veteran killed in own home after accidentally calling authorities (ontd_political)

Today’s Perpetuation of Hoodie Panic brought to you by one of New Orleans’ finest (ontd_political)

Family Of Ramarley Graham, Unarmed Black Teen Killed By NYPD, Rallies For Justice In The Bronx (ontd_political)

Bigger Than Trayvon: America’s Culture of Suspicion (ontd_political)


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