Occupy is not dead yet

Maybe soon it’ll be just a curiosity, but for right now, there’s still repercussions. It’s permanently shifted our discussions, and changed our current political language. Then, there’s those lingering court cases….

Occupy Wall Street Librarians Suing City of New York Over Book Destruction (Writers Write)

Eliminating the ‘99%’ Can Lead to a Better Message for Social Justice (The Moderate Voice)

Occupy this stylish biker jacket (Boing Boing)

Occupy footage exonerates journalist; cop lied under oath (Boing Boing)

Germany: Riot police clear Occupy Frankfurt (photo) (Boing Boing)

Occupy Wall Street, RIP? (The Moderate Voice)

Twitter fights subpoena for #OWS participant (Boing Boing)

Philly Police Union wants to oust retired officer for legally wearing uniform at an Occupy Wall Street rally (Boing Boing)

Video series: Portraits from the Occupation (Boing Boing)

Handling the Occupy movement’s more aggressive tactics (Security Director News)

May Day, 2012 (big photo gallery)
(Boing Boing)

May Day protests: gas, brutality, and baseless arrest (Boing Boing)

May Day General Strike posters (Boing Boing)

UC Davis police used excessive force, unauthorized weapon in pepper-spray incident, says report (Security Director News)

Occupy Dagobah (Boing Boing)

Students protesting tuition hikes pepper-sprayed by police in Santa Monica, CA (Boing Boing)

A visual explainer of laws that govern police crowd control tactics at protests in Oakland, CA (Boing Boing)

NYPD and Bloomberg vs. Occupy Wall Street: “Just hit them” (Boing Boing)

Another Occupy Wall Street activist’s Twitter account subpoenaed (Boing Boing)

Release of UC Davis Pepper Spray Investigation Findings Delayed (Brad DeLong)

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