TSA Turmoil

I’m running out of t-words…

Last post didn’t go out the way I wanted. I’ve got *so* many interesting TSA/Airline related articles for you. Some of them are more… alarming than others.

    General Airport Stories:

Spiders made from TSA-confiscated scissors(Boing Boing)

Remembering the Lod Airport massacre (Security Director News)

Bruce Schneier explains security to a neurologist who believes in profiling Muslims at airports (Boing Boing)

    Airlines Behaving Badly

Woman Says Southwest Told Her She Couldn’t Board Flight To N.Y. Due To Her Cleavage (ontd_political)

    General TSA News:

FBI anti-terrorism expert: TSA is useless (Boing Boing)

TSA Precheck: $100 application fee to skip the song and dance (Boing Boing)

Bruce Schneier and former TSA boss Kip Hawley debate air security on The Economist
(Boing Boing)

TSA gets Bruce Schneier booted from House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform hearing (Boing Boing)

Bruce Schneier hands former TSA boss his ass (Boing Boing)

TSA names new deputy chief (Security Director News)

Montana airport to seek private security over TSA (Security Director News)

    Excellent TSA behavior:

TSA continues crack down, fires 8 at Newark airport (Security Director News)

    Terrible TSA behavior:

TSA to nursing mother: breast-pump can’t go through security unless you pump your breasts first (Boing Boing)

TSA dumps Grandpa’s cremains all over airport, laughs at distraught relative as he picks bone fragments off the floor
(Boing Boing)

TSA agent pokes fingers in ashes of traveler’s dead grandfather, spills them on floor, cackles (Boing Boing)

TSA screener at JFK ‘hurled hot coffee at American Airlines pilot who told her to stop swearing’ (Daily Mail)

TSA searches body-casted three-year-old in a wheelchair (Boing Boing)

    The Scanners, the freakin’ scanners. The worst idea ever made…:

TSA responds to alleged fault in full-body scanners (Security Director News)

TSA body-scanner guy says TSA is “strongly cautioning” reporters not to write about him (Boing Boing)

TSA: we still trust body-scanners, though “for obvious reasons” we can’t say why (Boing Boing)

Viral Video About Body Scanners (TSA Blog)

HOWTO get metal through a TSA full-body scanner (Boing Boing)

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