Recipe Roundup July ’12

STRAWBERRY MASCARPONE WHIPPED CREAM TART (Life’s a Feast) — I cannot tell you how much I really, really want this right now. It’s the perfect summer treat.

Spring Veggie Dip – Gluten-Free and Vegan (Gluten Free Goddess) – You know what I miss since I can’t have dairy? French onion dip for my potato chips…

Cinco de Mayo piñata cookies (She Knows) – These are adorable. I can’t wait to make some.

Chocolate and Hazelnut Honey Wafers (I Adore Food) – *shakes fist* Darn you chocolate & hazelnut! Darn you to Heck! Why do you taste so good?

Lemon Infused Pasta Salad with Fresh Herbs and Grilled Asparagus (Gluten Free Goddess) – This looks perfect for a summer picnic to me.

Paleo Coconut Macaroons (Elana’s Pantry) – These just sound healthier than the recipe I have.

Tiramisu and a bit of Venice (I Adore Food) – Yes, yes, my love, more tiramisu….

French Onion Soup (Munchin with Munchkin) – Must make onion soup, yes we must. I can use that nice sweet onion from the farmer’s market.


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