Recipe Roundup August 2012

Orange Chocolate Toasted Pecan Sticky Buns and Bad Boy First Love, Part One (Parsley, Sage, and Sweet) – These look dreadfully good. My mom will love the addition of the orange.

Veal Shank Tajine for Two (Cooking in Sens) – I have to wonder how this would work with lamb instead of veal.

Gingersnaps (Elana’s Pantry – Gluten free Gingersnaps. Really, honestly. This is perfect.

FRANGIPANE ÉCLAIRS (Life’s a Feast) – There’s nothing I can say, except, yes, please.

Gluten-Free Banana Nut Bread Recipe (Gluten Free Goddess) – I really hope I can get this to work.

Pizza Lasagna (aka: Pizzaña) (Mommie cooks) – I wonder if I can get Daddy to eat this.

One comment on “Recipe Roundup August 2012

  1. Lisa says:

    Thank you for the link up of my sticky buns..they really are incredibly good! I hope you try them!

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