Airline and Airport Heartaches

I try to be fair. And honestly, I’ve only had a few minor inconveniences myself with the new laws. That being said, it is my firm belief that the current security lines, the backscatter technology, and the list of stories coming out about the TSA and airports, have done nothing more than create fear and do the terrorists’ job for them. It’s getting to the point where the entire agency is nothing more than blog-feed outrage.


N.C. airport makes security changes after teen’s fatal breach (Security Director News)


Pornoscanner vendor accused of fraud, jailarity may ensue (Boing Boing)

Geoffrey McGann, Man With Strange Watch, Arrested At Oakland Airport (The Associated Press) — Okay, so the thinking is “this could make a timing device!” I really, really, hate to break this to you TSA, but *any watch* can be used to make a timing device. That’s what watches DO.

Campaign to opt out of pornoscanners & video TSA checkpoints at Thanksgiving (Boing Boing)

TSA inspectors get a larger annual clothing allowance than Marine lieutenants get through their whole careers (Boing Boing) — way to spend your money kids.

TSA PreCheck program scrutinized (Security Director News) — There is no way to make me believe that this program is a good idea. There isn’t even a retinal check station at the airport like they were trying in Heathrow. This is more like … institutionalized bribery. You pays your money, you gets your barcode to pass through the security check.

Aviation vulnerability: Scan boarding passes to discover if you’re in for deep screening; print new barcodes if you don’t like what you find (boing Boing) — So, this goes hand in hand with the above story. It just has some more technical details and links to the vulnerability report.

TSA relocating some body scanners; firing 25 workers (Security Director News)

Stranded in Hawai’i on the no-fly list (Boing Boing) — This happened to a servicewoman’s husband. He got there on an Air Force transport. Um…

White House TSA petition goes dark as it nears the finish line, disappears when the lights come back on (Boing Boing) — Listen, I don’t think the government is capable of a sustained conspiracy. Seriously, it’s not. The government never met documentation it didn’t like. That being said, an on-line petition is *not* the most effective way to reach the ears of policy makers. Try calling them or visiting them instead.

Petition to make the TSA obey a court order and hold hearings on pornoscanners (Boing Boing)


Airlines and obese fliers: is there a better way to handle seat space conflict? (Boing Boing)

Air France pilot begs first class passengers for cash to refuel in Damascus (Boing Boing)

Delta refuses boarding to Poop Strong man for flying while brown and wearing the security theater shirt I designed (Boing Boing) — Freedom of Speech? Anyone? Anyone? Beuller?

United Airlines loses a 10 year old girl (Boing Boing)

Virgin Airlines Australia moved firefighter from seat next to boys because men can’t be seated next to unaccompanied children (Boing Boing) — No, bad airline. Women can be molesters too. If this is a genuine concern, then the seats next to the unaccompanied minors should *not* be sold at all.

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