Graphic Novel Review: Who is Jake Ellis Vol. 1

Who is Jake Ellis? – Nathan Edmonsdson & Tonci Zonjic (buy my copy)

Recommended: For people who like noir graphic novels, Fans of Thief of Thieves or Frank Miller

Who is Jake Ellis? Vol. 1 is a graphic novel version of a spy movie. Jon Moore is a former CIA analyst who was taken hostage and escaped. Jake Ellis is the voice in his head who seems to have become his own personality. Jon is the only one who can see Jake.

Jake is a combination imaginary friend / precognitive seer/ guardian angel. He knows what Jon knows, but he doesn’t sleep. He doesn’t eat. He isn’t solid. He can and does guide Jon – saving his life and keeping them both running.

It’s been this way for four years when our story opens. Jon seems to have accepted the voice in his head. He even cleverly wears a Bluetooth everywhere so he doesn’t look as though he’s talking to himself. But there’s something changing. Jake is starting to develop his own agenda. And Jon has no idea what it is. He does know that he needs Jake – as both a partner-in-crime and a friend.

It’s fast-paced, high tension, and a wonderful read. Jon and Jake have distinct personalities. They even have different motivations, although those motives could both be Jon’s. From the first action packed moments that leave Jon and Jake running from a deal gone bad, to the ending that resolves enough to make the first volume a stand-alone, this is a great read.

And I’ll be looking for Volume 2 soon.


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