Fly Away, Fly Away, Fly Away All

So, I love flying. And I love traveling.

I hate the BS that is security theatre.

And I think that there are airlines who do really stupid stuff. I mean, REALLY stupid. As in aspiring to kill their own businesses stupid. (*cough* bag charge *cough*)

    TSA General

TSA to Commission Independent Study of X-Ray Body Scanners (Pro Publica)

    TSA Behaving Badly

TSA Detains Young Girl in Wheelchair With No Explanation (Fox News) — Fox News. Really TSA. Look at what you’ve made me do! I visited and read something on Fox News. I blame you completely. Not only that, um, HELLO? SCARING and HUMILATING children who are SICK is WRONG.

    Airlines General
    Airlines Behaving Badly

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