Taunting the TSA

“Your father was a hamster and your mother smelt of elderberries!” 😛

That’s better’n the TSA deserves most of the time. Here’s a few links. Some of them are a little old, simply because I got lazy during the last couple months. However, the incidents are still something that need to be looked at.

General Transportation Security

Judge rejects secret “no-fly” evidence barring ex-Stanford student from returning to US (Boing Boing)

Cops in USA to drive around in pornoscannerwagons, covertly irradiating people and looking through their cars and clothes (Boing Boing) — This is here basically because of the technology they’ve chosen to use.


Letter from a Passenger: A Change.org Petition for the TSA to be More Understanding with Cats. (Taking Sense Away) — Seriously people. A separate room should be used for *all* pet inspections. It’s just common sen… oh, I see.

TSA again weighs possibility of using commercial data to profile air travelers (Boing Boing) — Why do I need a clearance to ride an airplane?

Letter from a Protester: “TSA, Stop Warrantless Searches on the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority.” (Taking Sense Away)

On Shaming the TSA (Taking Sense Away)

An Open Letter to Congressman Michael T. McCaul (Taking Sense Away) — This one is a must read.

TSA terminates its contract with Rapiscan, maker of pornoscanners (Boing Boing) — Happy dance! No more excessive radiation from machines that don’t work!


T-Shirt Leads To Airplane Controversy (Moderate Voice) — Serious people? A tee-shirt? Again? Idjits.

Is This Any Way to Treat a Marine Double-Amputee Afghanistan War Veteran? (Updated) (Moderate Voice) — You made an MoFo Marine cry. What sort of psychopaths are you?



One comment on “Taunting the TSA

  1. Mark says:

    Don’t put up with this garbage. It only encourages them.

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