Occupy – Not really gone, Not actually forgotten

The reporting around Occupy has gotten harder to find. The movement as a whole splintered into smaller groups that are dealing with the larger goals they collated around. Still, there’s the occasional flare up. And there’s still a lot of analysis being done on what happened, how it was handled, and the various bits and pieces that have stuck around – from Strike Debt to #OccupySandy.

United States: Occupy Sandy Stands Up to Destruction (Global Voices) —

Organized by the group InterOccupy, Occupy Sandy was created as a part of the Occupy movement whose methodology was to organize general assemblies, attracting individuals and groups working to promote mutual communication. As stipulated in its mission, the movement seeks to respond to the needs of the 99 percent.

Eulogy for #Occupy: beautiful, brutal postmortem (Boing Boing) —

Quinn Norton’s Eulogy for #Occupy is a wrenching, beautiful, long postmortem on the Occupy movement, including an eyes-open (and scathing) critique of what went wrong inside Occupy:

Official City of Melbourne IP address used for biased edits to Wikipedia page for Occupy Melbourne prior to local election (Boing Boing) —

Someone using the City of Melbourne’s IP block has been introducing biased edits to the Wikipedia page for Occupy Melbourne, attempting to erase the record of council’s resolve to remove Occupy, and trying to smear the Occupy protest by removing the adjective “peaceful” from the page.

Occupy Sandy doc screened at secret cinema (Boing Boing) —

A documentary about Occupy Sandy was screened at a secret location in NYC last night; it made the connection between Sandy and climate change. People wanting to see the movie were directed to a building whose wall was used as a screen for the premiere.


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