Book Review: Move Under Ground

Move Under Ground – Nick Mamatas

Recommended: This is hard… Lovecraft fans, early Stephen King fans, and even Poppy Z. Brite fans

Jack Kerouac and HP Lovecraft shared a bedroll one night and this is the book that resulted.

It’s set in the mid- to late-sixties. Kerouac is doing sh**all and publishing storied from his trunk to keep himself afloat. Then, the world around him changes.

It’s the best combinations of an LSD trip and the slide into madness invoked by the touch of an Elder God.

Kerouac hits the road with William S. Burroughs and Neal Cassady. Together they will save the world or destroy it.

In general, books that mimic other authors don’t impress me. I much prefer original voices. However, Nick Mamatas nails Kerouac. And for that matter gives Lovecraft his due as R’lyeh rises in New York City.

It’s boozy and surreal with casual sex and transcendental mediations thrown in for spice. The language gets salty and none of the people involved are actually *nice* but they are who they are and damn the consequences.

It’s definitely worth the read.


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