All the News that Ain’t Fit to Print

So, the loss of Google Reader has really stymied this type of post. This will be the last one I post. Sorry if you loved it. Back to focussing on reviews and random shopping and food.


Australian Army on institutional sexism: The standard you walk past is the standard you accept (Boing Boing)


PHOTOS: Hundreds Arrested in Brazil’s Bus Fare Protests (Global Voices)


Petitioning the state of Guatemala to ensure due process of law in Rios Montt genocide trial (Boing Boing)


Kazakh Minister Fired as Netizens Criticize Pension Plans (Global Voices)


Girls Are Told Not to Leave Kyrgyzstan (Global Voices)

South Korea

Pastor for South Korea’s Biggest Church Charged with Financial Crimes (Global Voices)


European Award for Helping Victims of the Spanish Mortgage Crisis (Global Voices)


More Violence for Russia’s Gays, Supporters (Global Voices)

Orphaned in US, SOPA Finds Home in Russia (Global Voices)

United Kingdom

Shropshire traffic warden jailed over driver row lies (Shropshire Star)

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