Book Review: Word of Mouth Marketing

Word of Mouth Marketing – Andy Sernovitz

Recommended for people interested in business or new entrepeneurs.

This book is from 2006 and therefore seems a touch dated. I don’t know many businesses that haven’t actually started blogs, facebook pages, etc. It even still recommends

That being said, it is still a good book. It is well written with easy to grasp examples and simple first steps to take. I think the best part of the book is that it is practical. There aren’t pie in the sky suggestions or things that take a lot of money to implement.

For anyone who is running a business or relies heavily on a business this is necessary information. Sure “everyone knows” about word-of-mouth marketing, but so very few places seem to make it a part of their every day business practices. There are some companies where the hands-off practice of dealing with internet complaints are glaring. And Sernovitz doesn’t want your company to be one of them.

My personal business is almost all word of mouth advertising, but I confess that I’m not doing a great job with it. I hope to use some of the suggestions in this book to increase the efficacy of our business. As I heard in a TED talk the other day – small tweaks lead to big changes.

Recommended for anyone in the marketing field. Also recommended for the person at the top of the company. The sort of changes that he’s advocating are the sort that need buy-in from top management.


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