Recipe Roundup August 2013

Wow. Time just flies when you no longer look at your Google Reader every day. LOL.

So, I totally missed July. (Unless I had something scheduled that I don’t remember.) Here’s August for you.

Vegan Low Fat Chocolate Pudding (Low Fat Vegan Chef) – check it out! A pudding that I don’t have to modify in any way. Looks simple and decadent. (Join up for her email list while your there. You’ll enjoy it.)

Lavender & Honey Grilled Lamb Chops – (Strawberry Plum) – there is nothing but yum in this recipe. I love the idea and hopefully I can get some of the lavender from my front garden for it.

Nutella Pudding – (GI 365) – You’ll be shocked to know that this is *not* made with milk or a lot of sugar. The only thing I have to substitute is a different type of “whipped cream”. I can’t have the recommended coconut milk.

Zeppole (Italian Donuts) – (Gastronomical Sovereignty) – Oh dear gods. The author says you’ll flip your head. And if the pictures are even close to the reality, yes, I must make these. Sugars be damned.


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