Recipe Roundup September 2013

Heading swiftly for the end of the year. No matter what the temperatures, the need for food is constant. 🙂

PAN SEARED BASS W/ BARLEY-CORN SALSA – (Diva Eats World) – Looks delicious and I’ve never used barely-corn before, but it just sounds right for the fall.

Kohlrouladen (Hungry Peepor) – I’ve never heard of this dish, but it looks interesting. Can’t go wrong with cabbage and pork. Makes me think of goumpki (no idea if that’s the right spelling)

Asian Slow-Roasted Salmon (My Daily Morsel) – Can’t get enough ways to make salmon. I think even my father will eat this one.

Meat Lover’s Pizza Burgers (GI 365) – Made with portabello mushrooms and sausage. These look spectacular.

Honey Roasted Peaches with Thyme (FoodBabbles) – I’m not sure about this one. I’ll have to try it to find out if I like it. I have some goat ricotta in the fridge just waiting for me.


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