Book Review: The Nasty Bits

The Nasty Bits – Anthony Bourdain

Highly Recommended for anyone who isn’t offended by sex, drugs, language, and food.

Reading The Nasty Bits on the train, I felt almost guilty for nibbling on diced canned ham (with homemade brown sugar and mustard glaze) and canned pineapple. It seemed a bit sacrilegious while reading about seared fresh meats and properly steamed asparagus (woody or not). And, at the same time it was just right.

There’s no better companion for a six hour trip than Anthony Bourdain. His writing is so vivid that as he was talking about the pitch and roll of the ResidenSea ship, I actually reached for my open thermos of soursap iced tea in a panic before realizing that it wasn’t moving.

There isn’t really a theme for the essays included in the book – beyond the obvious that they’re is work and generally exhibit the real voice he’s known for; thankfully not censored by the television rules.

Erudite and well-written The Nasty Bits is for anyone not afraid of good language and bad behavior. It gives a wonderful look behind the curtain of restaurant culture, business travel to far off places, the downsides of eating everything you’re served, and a wonderful sense of presence – no matter where he is.

Highly Recommended.


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