Troubling TSA and Airport News

When will I get to post happy news about the airlines? When they do something *good* I suppose. But today is not that day. Oh, wait? What’s this? There’s one positive story? How did that happen? (It’s hiding under TSA.)


Federal Judge None Too Impressed With Government’s Defense Of Its ‘No Fly’ List (TechDirt)


TSA tests expedited screening using dogs (Security Director News)

TSA’s new Instagram shows all the dangerous items that presented no danger (Boing Boing)

TSA expedites screening for ‘wounded warriors’ (Security Director News)

A Black Woman’s Hair Becomes Target in TSA’s Security Theater (Taking Sense Away)

The TSA Cover Up Scandal (Taking Sense Away)

TSA Agent Helped Pilot Cheat During Test of Heroism (Taking Sense Away)


Dear airline execs: crowing about new fees and price hikes before your merger makes the DoJ mad (Boing Boing)

United Airlines Makes Your Worst Nightmare Come True (Gawker)


Don’t fly while brown during Ramadan, even if you’re Hindu (Boing Boing)


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