Airline Boondoggles and the TSA that loves them.

I don’t know that that sentence even makes sense, but the TSA is definitely a boondoggle. The airlines? I’m still torn. I don’t want the airlines to go away, but I *do* want them to be a little more responsible, reasonable and less evil.


Anti-forced-marriage charity advises women to put spoons in their underwear to trigger private airport search (Boing Boing)


The TSA Cover Up Scandal, Part II (Taking Sense Away)

TSA Agent Caught Smuggling Illegal Immigrants Into the U.S. (Taking Sense Away)- D’oh!

TSA is officially allowed to lie to you in order to cover its ass (Boing Boing)

Keep your shoes, jackets on: TSA to expand pre-screening program (CNN)


Easyjet tells law professor he can’t fly because he tweeted critical remarks about airline (Boing Boing)

Ryanair vows to reduce fewer customers to tears (Boing BOing)


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