TSA, Airports, and other Bugaboos

I’m still not convinced that the heightened security in the airports is doing us any good.

Here’s the latest… I hesitate to call it news actually. Events. We’ll go with “events.”


TSA seize tiny, itsy-bitsy gun from sock-monkey
(Boing Boing)

TSA blows a billion bucks on unscientific “behavioral detection” program, reinvents phrenology (Boing Boing)

TSA to airports: You take care of the exits (Security Director News)

OMG WTF TSA (Boing Boing)

Phoenix TSA makes breast cancer survivors remove their prostheses
(Boing Boing) – the frak?


TSA’s “12 Banned Items of Christmas” (Boing Boing)


United nearly kills shipped dog, refuses to pay vet bills without NDA (Boing Boing)

Coach seating is getting even worse (Boing Boing)


On the 9-Year-Old Boarding a Plane Without Ticket (Taking Sense Away)

Virtuoso’s flutes destroyed by US Customs (The Boston Globe) – OK. This is a CBP boondoggle, but I think it fits here, since he was flying into the country. The flutes looked like bamboo, so they destroyed them. Um… the holes didn’t give you a clue?


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