Book Review: The Fault in Our Stars

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

Recommended for: Anyone who likes Tamela Ritter, Margaret Atwood, and oddly enough, Richard Kadrey or Chuck Palahniuk

John Green made me cry in public and I won’t even bother to blame it on my allergy meds. (Side effects include depression and suicidal ideation, but hey, I can breathe.)

I knew when I started The Fault in Our Stars that the author was going to shatter my heart.

I didn’t care. I never even interspersed my reading… oh, I can’t even like like that. I am a biblioslut. Still, I finished it in three sittings. It was an ebook too. I’m notorious for not finishing those.

Anyway, the quick summary is that it’s a love story between two teens with cancer that meet in a support group. But it’s more than that somehow. It’s love and friendship and family and life. The language is beautiful. The humor is black. And the meaning is hidden in the multiple infinities of the bounded set that is life and death.

Agustus and Hazel are young survivors. Agustus has one leg. Hazel has an oxygen tank. And it could have become a horrible, sickly sweet, Hallmark movie from there, but it never did. What id did become was life: messy, lovely, broken, mended, and punctuated by magical moments of love, laughter and tears.

Bravo, John Green. You’ve hooked me.

Go read it now. I’ll hand you a tissue at the end.


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