Game Review: Lucky Pirate

Lucky Pirate is a Facebook game. That means that it is unfortunately infected with the bane of my existence, the enthusiastic “share with others” bullsh*t.

Beyond that though, it’s not a game really. It’s more of an extended bonus round from a slot machine.

That doesn’t mean it isn’t fun and slightly addicting.

The general premise is that you get keys to open pirate chests. Each of these chests contains either gold coins, power ups, or nothing. That’s it. You get 5 keys in the first room, 4 in the next, etc.

Your objective is to 1) gather the most coins to get the top score/free lives 2) collect “prize” items to complete collections which can be traded for power-ups 3) level up 4) poison your friends feeds with your information.

Now, I have found myself enjoying the game immensely. Why? Because it’s an extended bonus round in a slot machine. And I’ve actually found strategy built into it. The strategic deployment of power-ups actually does increase your chances of getting more coins and therefore a higher score. The music isn’t annoying (wait while I check to see if I’ve turned off the music – no, it’s on).

The female pirate is fully-clothed. You might not think this is a big deal, but when you’ve played “Pirate Booty” or any number of slot machines, it is. It’s a huge deal. She’s pretty, attractive, and *not* showing cleavage or all of her leg. So kudos for that.

What does enticing your friends do for you? You get spare lives and someone to race against for “top” leader position in the weekly races. Um, that’s pretty much it. Maybe you can give power-ups? I don’t know. None of my friends play it and I’m not about to invite them.

All in all though? Not much going on. But I’m intrigued enough to play more than once per day. Not enough to give them money for anything in-game, but enough to play.

And to say: Recommended.

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