TSA, Airlines, and other Annoying BS

Please note, I am not planning to discuss or follow the Malaysian lost plane. I think it’s a tragedy in the making. I may, some time in the future actually post a summary article on the situation, but right now, there’s not enough information and too many traumatized family members. My thoughts are with them.

Instead, I’m going to pick on the TSA. Again.
And a few idiotic airlines.


Govt fought for years to hide mistake that put student on no-fly listCalling BS on this sort of stupidity. Like putting 5 year olds on the list. Idiots.


Brutal working conditions for Qatar Airlines’s flight attendantsThis just disgusts me. This sort of treatment is degrading and wrong.


London Heathrow customs agent interrogates Edward Snowden’s attorney Jesselyn Radack (Boing Boing)

Flying in Mexico is Still Like the Old Days, Thank God (Taking Sense Away) – Ah, for the days when you were treated like an actual human being.


The TSA is looking for Bitcoin
(Daily Anarchist)

“I Don’t Think We Accept These,” Says TSA Agent, Peering at D.C. License (Lowering the Bar) – I really, really wish this were a joke.

Tales from the TSA: Confiscating Aluminum Foil and Watching Out for Solar Powered Bombs (Time Magazine)

San Diego TSA Director Retires Amid Rumors of Misconduct (NBC San Diego)

Letter from a Passenger: I Made a Bagful of Peanut Butter Crackers and Was No Longer Considered a Terrorist Threat (Taking Sense Away)

TSA clerks think Bitcoin is metal (TSA News) – Oh, oh, dear. No, luvs, the virtual coins aren’t made of metal.


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