Book Review: Sparrow Hill Road

Sparrow Hill Road – Seanan McGuire.
Recommended for: Supernatural fans, people who grew up on Scary Stories, and road warriors

Our main character Rose is the basis of the phantom prom date. One of them at least. She’s a hitch-hiking ghost who needs to borrow a jacket to be physically present in the world. She was 16 when she died and ever will be. She’s also a psychopomp — you know, like the sparrows in The Dark Half. She guides souls to their rest. Sometimes, she can even save lives.

She’s running from the man who killed her, but she’ll have to confront him soon or he’ll keep killing. He’s not alive anymore you know?

Sparrow Hill Road is where Rose died. Where she “lives” though is the heart of America — roads, diners, truck stops — a place full of the smell of exhaust and exhaustion, road weary and wary, grease and coffee. There is a pulse made of coffee and small kindnesses in milkshakes and fries. It’s where truly American folk tales start and survive.

And it’s fracking awesome.

I loved this book from the first page to the last. I hope I’ll get to see more of Rose in the future and I want everyone to grab a copy of this book so we’ll get another.

Highly recommended.


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