A Baltimore Round-up.

I was going to leave this as part of the Cops Behaving Badly post, but it just got too unwieldy. 

Just When You Thought Fox News’ Baltimore Coverage Couldn’t Get Worse, It Made This Mistake (Mother Jones)

White protestors politely asked to leave, black protestor pepper sprayed and dragged away (Boing Boing)

CNN Guest Says Baltimore Protests ‘Not a Riot’ But ‘Uprisings’ In Response To ‘Police Terrorism’
(Counter Current News)

Media Deliberately Covering-Up 10,000-Strong Peaceful Protests on the Streets of Baltimore (Counter Current News)

Baltimore gang members call bullshit on police reports that gangs called truce to kill cops
(Boing Boing)

Freddie Gray: “Not the first person to come out of a Baltimore police wagon with serious injuries” (Boing Boing)

These charts say all you need to know about why there are riots in Baltimore (Boing Boing)

Eyewitnesses: The Baltimore Riots Didn’t Start the Way You Think
(Mother Jones)

Republican Politician Says Baltimore Protests Should Have Been Stopped by Police Attack Dogs (Counter Current News)

Baltimore Police Commissioner Forced To Admit ‘We Are Part of the Problem’ (Counter Current News)

7 Charts Explaining Baltimore’s Economic and Racial Struggles (Mother Jones)

Fox News Posts Fake Baltimore Riot Photo That’s Actually From Venezuela (Counter Current News)

Baltimore Protester Who Smashed Police Car Window Has Higher Bail Than Killer Cops (Counter Current News)

Baltimore Police Just Arrested Man Who Filmed The Freddie Gray Arrest (Counter Current News)

Man who recorded video of Freddie Gray’s arrest is arrested, detained by Baltimore police (Boing Boing)

Breaking: Freddie Gray’s Death Is Ruled a Homicide. All 6 Officers Will Face Criminal Charges. (Mother Jones)

Why Protestors Turn Violent (ATTN.com)

Video Footage Catches Baltimore Officers Looting During Freddie Gray Protests (Counter Current News)

White Baltimore Orioles manager gives brilliant answer when asked about race (Boing Boing)

Cop Who Arrested Freddie Gray Threatened To Kill Ex-Wife’s New Husband and Himself (Counter Current News)

Baltimore Protesters and Senate Leader Shut Down Fox News, Ask Them To Leave (Counter Current News)

A Ground-Level View of Baltimore’s Protests: Hope, Anger, and Beauty (Mother Jones)

Freddie Gray and the Real Lesson of Urban Policing (Mother Jones)

Why You Should Be Skeptical About the New Police Narrative on Freddie Gray’s Death (Mother Jones)

Baltimore ex-cop: Police “have to solve the problems of America nobody wants to deal with” (Boing Boing)

Baltimore eyewitnesses tell a different story of how riots began (Boing Boing)

Baltimore activist ‘kidnapped’ on live TV is found in jail. Lawyer: He had “hands up the whole time.” (Boing BOing)

Freddie Gray Went to an “Apartheid School” (Mother Jones)

The Time Baltimore’s Police Commissioner Put a Gun to a Suspect’s Head (Mother Jones)

How Many Like Baltimore’s Freddie Gray Have Been Killed in Police Custody? (Mother Jones)

These Baltimore Teens Aren’t Waiting Around for Someone Else to Fix Their City (Mother Jones)

“Violence Is Not the Answer”: Baltimore Icon Ray Lewis Calls For Peace (Mother Jones)

Some Hopeful Images From Baltimore: Residents Uniting to Clean Up the City (Mother Jones)

Bloods and Crips Respond to ‘Lies’ From Baltimore Police Department About Gang Unity (Counter Current News)

One guy in Baltimore’s thoughts on Baltimore riots
(Boing Boing)

Ta-Nehisi on Baltimore: “Nonviolence as Compliance” (Boing Boing)

Baltimore: Photos of civil unrest after funeral for Freddie Gray, young black man who died after arrest
(Boing Boing)

Bloods and Crips Members Say They Want “Nobody to Get Hurt” in Baltimore Protests (Mother Jones)

Baltimore ‘Bloods’ and ‘Crips’ Call Truce and Unite To Fight Police Brutality
(Counter Current News)

Video: Protestors Clash With Police as Baltimore Demonstrations Turn Violent (Mother Jones)

Baltimore Cop Who Chased Freddie Gray Had Pattern of Violence (Counter Current News)

Baltimore Police Caught On Video Beating and Arresting Reporters During Protests (Counter Current News)

Media Blackout Over Massive Police Brutality Protests In Baltimore (Counter Current News)

Why CNN Wouldn’t Cut Away From White House Shindig To Cover Huge Freddie Gray Protest (Mother Jones)

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