Revenge of the Airline Stories

So, the TSA & Airline stuff has calmed down a bit. That doesn’t mean it isn’t still out there or that I’ve forgotten it.


Laura Poitras sues the US Government to find out why she was repeatedly detained in airports (Boing Boing)
Justice Department Investigating Whether Airlines Work Together to Keep Prices High (Mother Jones)
Travel tip: don’t set fire to airplane cabins
Airline Passengers Are Now Allowed To Openly Carry Marijuana On Oregon Flights (Counter Current News)
Terrifying proposal for airplane seating (Boing Boing)
Mother and baby found alive in jungle 4 days after plane crash (Boing Boing)


United Rewards Security Researchers with Air Miles (Boing Boing)
Planes and stocks both freeze this AM over computer glitches (Boing Boing)
Router Failure Grounds Entire United Fleet (Mother Jones)
Indonesia’s plane crash problem (Boing Boing)
Virgin Galactic crash blamed on “single human error” (Boing Boing)


New pornoscanners are also useless, cost $160 million (Boing Boing)
Pre-crime: DHS admits that it puts people on the no-fly list based on “predictive assessment” (Boing Boing)
TSA Behavioral Detection Program’s awful newsletter mocks travellers’ worries (Boing Boing)
TSA supervisor calls police on teen for videoing his father’s pat-down (Boing Boing)

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