Up in the Sky with silver wings shining…

Is there a lot happening in the air travel world? Yup. Some of it’s been collected below.


China signs deal to buy 130 Airbus aircraft during Merkel visit (BBC)

Airbus to expand A320 production as sales rise (BBC)

China unveils passenger aircraft to challenge Boeing and Airbus (BBC)

Catching a lift on a private plane (BBC)

America’s airlines send planes to El Salvador, China for service by under-trained technicians (Boing Boing)


Dubai Airshow: Crowded skies may limit airline growth (BBC)

Dubai Airshow: New Airbus A380 sales ‘unlikely’ at Airshow (BBC)

Dubai Airshow: Security fears ‘to boost arms sales’ (BBC)

Dubai Airshow: defence spending boosts order books (BBC)

TSA/Airport Security

Manila airport security blackmails travelers by planting bullets in their luggage (Boing Boing)

TSA screeners can’t detect weapons and they never could (Boing Boing)


Air France-KLM and Lufthansa warn of more cost-cutting (BBC)

British Airways

BA owner IAG reports strong profits (BBC)


Easyjet chief warns global airport security must be tightened (BBC)


Lufthansa strike hits ‘113,000 passengers’ (BBC)
Lufthansa strike costs company ‘at least €10m euros a day’ (BBC)
Lufthansa cabin crew strike hits 290 flights (BBC)


Qantas crew don All Blacks jerseys after World Cup defeat(BBC)


Ryanair sets sights on rapid growth (BBC)


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