Travel, TSA, and Airline Round up

I have lost the ability to come up with interesting headlines for these, but that doesn’t mean that there’s not still a lot of articles to look at. I made a decision that anything before February is out of the running for this post.


Lufthansa chief denies errors over Germanwings crash (BBC)

Air France-KLM returns to profit on cheaper fuel prices (BBC)

American Airlines is suing Gogo over its crappy Wi-Fi (Boing Boing)

JetBlue attendant doesn’t like being stared at by Muslim women, calls police to take them off plane (Boing Boing) — Hello racism.

United Continental airline investors challenge leadership (BBC)

BA owner IAG reports big rise in profit (BBC)

Thai Airways returns to profit in fourth quarter (BBC)


Bangkok airport safety issues ‘must be addressed’

Heathrow third runway: Environmental concerns ‘should not stop expansion’ (BBC)

London City Airport bought for £2bn by Canadian-led group(BBC)


The TSA Releases Data on Air Marshal Misconduct, 7 Years After We Asked (Pro Publica)

Airplane Companies

Airbus has “solid” results with a record order book (BBC)


Republican Congressmen backed by airline money kill research on legroom and passenger safety (Boing Boing) — May they be cramped in the back of coach for all eternity.

Lithium batteries should be banned as cargo on passenger planes, says UN aviation watchdog (Boing Boing)

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