Trouble on the Airlines

Well, it’s been awhile since one of these little round-ups. Still, things seem to be getting worse rather than better. That is not a good trend.


Video of two parallel jumbo jets landing at exactly the same time (Boing Boing)

United offered men-only “executive” flights until 1970 (Boing Boing)


Sikh Woman Forced To Show Breast Pump After Fellow Passenger Suspects She May Be A Terrorist (Counter Current News)

Lufthansa to suspend flights to Venezuela (BBC News)

Second airline suspends flights to Venezuela (BBC News)

Airline industry profits ‘to jump 12% in 2016’ (BBC News)

Flybe returns to profit on rising sales (BBC News)

China’s Nanshan buys 20% Virgin Australia stake (BBC News)

Air France: Pilots’ strike hits Euro 2016 (BBC News)

Passengers on plane grounded at airport were refused food for “legal reasons” (The Standard)

Malaysia’s Islamic airline Rayani Air barred from flying (BBC News)
Ryanair says fares to fall 7% amid price war (BBC News)


Airport security officer was alleged war criminal, arrested for lying about participation in “genocidal acts” (UPDATED) (Boing Boing) – Note this was a private security officer, not a TSA agent.


TSA’s Instagram features bizarre items found at checkpoints (Boing Boing)

Traveler sues TSA for missed flight (Boing BOing)

TSA head of security ‘removed from his position’ (Boing Boing)


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