Recipe Roundup December 2016

ferrero rocher cake recipe (Mom’s Dish) — Have you ever heard of binge foods? Those foods that once you start eating them, you’ll eat the whole thing, compulsively, because it’s there and you can’t stop yourself? Is that just me? This, this is a binge food. Full stop. I cannot make this unless I have a bunch of people coming over.

Lamb Bolognese Sauce with Peas & Mint (Strawberry Plum) — This looks awesome. It cooks forever, but it looks like a quick prep time.

Irish Cream Coffee Cupcakes & Marshmallow Top (Melangery) — The Marshmallow top is especially intriguing.

Potato Chip Pretzel Caramel Corn (Food Babbles) — PAAAAAAARTAAAAAAAY

Paleo Salmon Kabobs Recipe (Food Fanatic) — These look awesome.


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