5 Budget Busters Meme

Debt-Free Revolution did an open-tag on this meme. Basically, you list the five things that drive you over budget, keep you from meeting your budget, or otherwise make you spend your money when you don’t need to.

For me?

Number 1 has to be books – Whether they’re graphic novels, hardbacks, or paperbacks, I love books. I have manga subscriptions. I have an ever-growing list on Amazon. The only mitigation I can see is that I’m going to the library more often and I’m now selling books on Amazon as well as buying them. It doesn’t keep me from wanting more of them though.

Netflix – I don’t always watch my three movies a month and so I’m probably over-paying on this. I just refuse to give the service up. It keeps me from buying three movies a month and having them gathering dust in a corner. I know people keep crying about cutting out subscriptions, but I just can’t give this one up. It’s still cheaper than going to the movies or to Blockbuster. I haven’t seen a movie in the theater since Pirates 3 came out.

Buying my lunch – I hate taking my lunch to work. I forget it, don’t want it, or I forget to bring the things home to wash them. (I can’t conscience using completely disposable things for lunch when I have the option of using real silverware.) So, I buy my lunch. It’s built into my budget. Still, I could save a lot of money by bringing my lunch every day, so it’s definitely an indulgence.

Traveling – I love to travel. My family (my parents and myself) take at least one if not two trips per year. We end up spending money in Disney or Vegas or somewhere else all because we just can’t stand being at home for one more minute. I’ve got a case of wandering feet that I have to slake or else I’d probably sell almost everything, but the rest in storage, quit my job and take off on a road trip doing pick up work, writing books and articles, and generally saying F-off to the world. (Only to be cruelly reminded that I really like the house I’m living in right now and I like having a steady paycheck.)

My Alice in Wonderland collection – If I see something, I usually get it because it’s incredibly hard to find things for this. I do try to keep it within reason. A five dollar purse or a ten dollar figuring as opposed to the two-hundred plus dollar Toby mugs that I really, really, want to get.

So, really, that’s it. And how I ended up posting two personal-finace articles in a row as opposed to clearing out my Boing Boing feed and bitching about the TSA, I have no idea.

Consider this an open-tag to any non-Personal-Finance bloggers out there. Leave me a comment and a link if you decide to take me up on it. I’d love to see it.