What Would I do if I won the Lottery?

Can I Get Rich on a Salary was idly wondering what he’d do if he won the lottery. He discussed Shaq’s unique business ventures and how he’s created seveal streams of income to keep him going when he retires.

That sparked my interest. Now, I don’t play the lottery. I don’t like the odds. I would love the money though.

So, if I won a small lottery, say, a net of 10 Million US after taxes what would I do with it?

First, I’d throw it into a bank account that earned interest. Even a simple APR of 1.5% would be enough to live on. I’d pay off the house and my debts which would take a big snap out of the money, but there wouldn’t be any “we have to move” BS going on.

I’d put as much as I could into a tax-protected accounts every year for retirement. I’d increase my monthly stock investments. I’d put about 1 million of it into a “blow me” account. I want a Maserati Spyder and that would be the first thing to come out of that account.

Beyond that? I’d probably quit my job and write full time. Yes, I’m serious. I would not close down the bakery. I’d quit my day job. I’d also write my heart out. Not a blog mind you, but my actual novels. The series of 7 I’ve got started. I need to finish the first book, but I’ve got it all plotted out. I just need time.

Huh. Who knew? I thought I had more pie in the sky dreams for the money. Guess I’ve gotten conservative in my old age.

Well, and 10 million is worth a whole lot less these days.

Pretty People Make More Money

No, seriously.

In this nicely presented and researched post, “Get Hired, Get a Raise, and Get Paid More by Improving Your Appearance, Digerati Life presents some surprising statistics.

I am over-weight. Okay, spade a spade time, I am considered obese by the medical community. I never worry about whether I’ll float in the swimming pool. Still, I’m lucky enough to be proportional and with a large, yet hour-glass shape. That means I can still wear fashionable styles.

We just had an announcement come down from HQ on a formal dress code for the company (day job). It eliminated casual Fridays and the wearing of jeans unless necessary for one’s job. (For example the janitorial staff and the cabling guy who crawls through the ceiling.) It came about because a customer mentioned that we were very “lax” in our dress. In other words, some engineer or software person was entering the office in jeans and a Hawaiian shirt or something typical like that and it ticked off the customer who has to wear a suit or at least suit-pants and business casual wear every day.

I know that how one dresses makes an incredible impact on how one is percieved. I noticed it most not at the office, where I work with a lot of blue-collar tradesmen as well as business people, but rather at shows where I am selling my own wears. When my partner and I wore matching aprons (we sell cookies and bread), we didn’t get nearly as much business or social interaction as when we switched to jeans and matching polo shirts. Suddenly, the assumption was that we were the bakers and owners as opposed to worker drones. Sales increased and we get a lot more opportunities to talk to people.

It’s all about the culture where you work. The woman who was handling the drivers before me (Back to the day job at the office now) is older and always wears a uniform of polo-shirt and kakhis. She doesn’t do full make-up, but she does do some make-up where I do not. She always has trouble with the guys. Me, I’m younger than some of them and the same age as the others. Even with my wearing more traditional black business pants and dressier shirts, I’ve been accepted as “one of them.” They laugh and joke with me and will actually do what I tell them to do.(Maybe it helps that I’m not afraid of them either. My co-worker could be snapped in half by some of the material handlers, not that they’d ever lay a finger on her, but me? Not so big a problem. One plus to not being average sized.)

When I am going to deal directly with customers, I dress more formally than I do in the office. And two weeks, when I go to corporate HQ for a meeting, I will be dressing IBM professional. That means I’ll be wearing a suit and some form of girl shoes. (Meaning at least a one in heeled loafer.) If I were going to meet with someone even higher level than I am, I’d be wearing a skirt with my suit. As it is, I’m meeting with mostly my level, so I’ll wear pants. I know that you must wear a suit at corporate. It’s a given. They never *had* casual Fridays so their elimination made no.

What Would I do if I were debt free?

I snagged this question from Debt-Free-Revolution a personal finance blog that’s written by an ex-military female. She’s married and has a teenage son. She’s going to school for pharmacy.

She asked herself, and other Personal Finance (PF) bloggers “what would you do if you were debt free?”

I decided to answer.

First, I’d fully fund my Roth-IRA. Right now I manage about $100/ month towards it. To top it off in a year, you need to contribute $312.43 per month. (For my age.) I’d continue buying the stocks on a monthly basis that I always have.

I’d take on a few more of the household bills. (I live with my parents at the moment and probably for the foreseeable future.)

Then, I’d complete my emergency fund.

After that? I’ll start saving for the things I really want/enjoy doing. I want to travel more often. I want to get my Ph.D. I want to write. I want to get my business truly profitable.

I’ll be honest, I probably won’t start buying CD’s again. (Aimestreet is much better and cheaper.) I am still going to hold off buying books until I finish the ones I have. In fact, I don’t think I’ll be doing a lot differently.

But it is fun to think about the future.

What about you? What would you do?

Why am I suddenly posting?

Well, I started looking at all the various articles and bookmarks I had to post about and decided, well, time to work through them. It’s a Sunday and I’m trying to declutter my bookmarks. LOL.

Hope you find something in my amazingly varied posts that interests you.

The search for silence

While I love my CD player, my ceiling fan, my air purifier, etc. sometimes I just want quiet. I don’t want to run the fan in my bathroom when I’m supposed to be relaxing in the tub, the sound makes my jaw clench. I don’t want to hear music when I’m shopping or working, it drives me nuts.

Sometimes, even the sound of the keyboard is enough to make my jaw clench and my ears hurt. (Um, me? Have migraines? Never…)

It is so hard to understand that somethings should be done in the quiet?

The library used to be a quiet place, now it isn’t. It doesn’t even matter that you’re not supposed to have your cell-phones on. (Says so at the entrance dipweeds.) People are constantly talking, chattering, kids are running and adults are yelling across the room. Come on, people! I’m glad you’re using the library, but shut the frack up! I’m trying to research here.

I need to run my ceiling fan to circulate the hot air from the heater or the chill air from the AC. The problem is, the motor drives me insane.

Please, I need a space that I can live or at least sit in that doesn’t have anything making noise. No fans. No motors. No music playing. Just… silence

Slice of Life: Bus drivers and stale tootsie-rolls

I’m driving home yesterday and I have to stop for the kids to pile off of the bus. It’s less than a block to my house. Seriously, it’s only two car lengths, but the bus has its little red sign out and the geeks with the yellow reflective bands and the orange flag are directing kids across the street. So, what do you do when you’re bored and you don’t feel like changing your CD? You look around. And I looked at the bus-driver. This was the first time that I hadn’t just seen his hand waving me around before he turns around. He’s adorable. Instant lustful thoughts about a man I would never have noticed. What’s happening to me? Eeek. I’m acting normal! But it was nice, quick little fantasy world. But my bus-drivers were never cute. Never. If they had been, I would have taken the bus more willingly.

It’s holiday time and work has gotten into the act. They’ve put in something like five new CDs of Christmas music. The only positive is that they’ve also put in a BB King two disc set. Finally, something with real soul, not white-bread instru-pop crap. I have a candy dish on the front desk. It’s filled up with stale candy from Halloween (and I’m not sure it was this year) and lolly-pops that were donated by another person from her stores of old Halloween candy. I have to wonder how long it will last. The Halloween candy disappeared like magic. The lollypops seem to be taking a little more time.

I’m procrastinating. I should have already sent out all of my cards and letters for the season, but I haven’t. I haven’t picked them out of the box of cards yet. And I haven’t pulled out my stationary yet. I have a full cabinet of it too. All hale laziness, cousins.

I’m just not really in the mood. I’ve spent more on charity than my family this year. Not that that’s a bad thing. I’ve helped out some people and the kids. It’s frustrating though. I checked the adopt a family tree and there were still most of the ornaments that had been there for the past week and today’s the last day for it. Yesterday, I went and bought a full outfit using the five to seven piece rule so that the mom would have a full week or more of outfits: pants, skirt, jacket, 2 shirts. It works out really well. You can always add in more pieces int he same color pallet. I even went ahead and got a belt and some jewelry and a scarf to go with the set. I’d love to get a present like that. But I’d be just as happy to know that people donated to my favorite causes. Like http://modestneeds.org

Ah, well, I’m in the mood to write a letter, but not to anyone in particular. I should just get off my rump and do it.