Cool Stuff I Want for No Reason

C3PO Thumb Drive – he’s so cute. They have Han Solo as well. – $29.95

Ninja Star push-pins – $12/pack

Microsphere bracelets – I swear this is from a vampire book I read somewhere.

Airplane shaped thumb drive – $24

Samuri Sword Umbrella – $29.95

Space Invaders ice cube trays

Shark Attack Tea Infuser

Dental Fit Vamp Fangs – I’ll be honest, I’ve wanted these since the 90’s. Just because damn it.

Classically Trained Atari tee-shirt – my 2600 still works!

Arcade buttons – 16 pounds. *sighs*

Tetris Tiles – I just have to figure out how to work these into my bathroom.

Tetris ice cube trays

AK-47 bullet ice tray