Up in the Sky with silver wings shining…

Is there a lot happening in the air travel world? Yup. Some of it’s been collected below.


China signs deal to buy 130 Airbus aircraft during Merkel visit (BBC)

Airbus to expand A320 production as sales rise (BBC)

China unveils passenger aircraft to challenge Boeing and Airbus (BBC)

Catching a lift on a private plane (BBC)

America’s airlines send planes to El Salvador, China for service by under-trained technicians (Boing Boing)


Dubai Airshow: Crowded skies may limit airline growth (BBC)

Dubai Airshow: New Airbus A380 sales ‘unlikely’ at Airshow (BBC)

Dubai Airshow: Security fears ‘to boost arms sales’ (BBC)

Dubai Airshow: defence spending boosts order books (BBC)

TSA/Airport Security

Manila airport security blackmails travelers by planting bullets in their luggage (Boing Boing)

TSA screeners can’t detect weapons and they never could (Boing Boing)


Air France-KLM and Lufthansa warn of more cost-cutting (BBC)

British Airways

BA owner IAG reports strong profits (BBC)


Easyjet chief warns global airport security must be tightened (BBC)


Lufthansa strike hits ‘113,000 passengers’ (BBC)
Lufthansa strike costs company ‘at least €10m euros a day’ (BBC)
Lufthansa cabin crew strike hits 290 flights (BBC)


Qantas crew don All Blacks jerseys after World Cup defeat(BBC)


Ryanair sets sights on rapid growth (BBC)

Troubling TSA and Airport News

When will I get to post happy news about the airlines? When they do something *good* I suppose. But today is not that day. Oh, wait? What’s this? There’s one positive story? How did that happen? (It’s hiding under TSA.)


Federal Judge None Too Impressed With Government’s Defense Of Its ‘No Fly’ List (TechDirt)


TSA tests expedited screening using dogs (Security Director News)

TSA’s new Instagram shows all the dangerous items that presented no danger (Boing Boing)

TSA expedites screening for ‘wounded warriors’ (Security Director News)

A Black Woman’s Hair Becomes Target in TSA’s Security Theater (Taking Sense Away)

The TSA Cover Up Scandal (Taking Sense Away)

TSA Agent Helped Pilot Cheat During Test of Heroism (Taking Sense Away)


Dear airline execs: crowing about new fees and price hikes before your merger makes the DoJ mad (Boing Boing)

United Airlines Makes Your Worst Nightmare Come True (Gawker)


Don’t fly while brown during Ramadan, even if you’re Hindu (Boing Boing)

Let’s Fly A…

You know what? I think that flying a nice big kite, or maybe a hot air balloon would be a great choice. I mean, there’s a whole bunch of reasons not to fly:


Police want more officers at Charlotte airport (Security Director News)

Dried caterpillars found in luggage at Gatwick Airport (BBC)

Brunt of federal cuts to hit N.J. with furloughs, airport slowdowns and court closures (NJ.com)

DIA Parking Lots Consider Measures To Stop Bunnies From Attacking Cars (CBS Denver) — I would like you to step back and just admire the beauty of this sentence before you go look at the article.


United Airlines sucks (Boing Boing)

Sources: American, US Airways boards approve merger (Chicago Tribune) — No good can come of this.

Kicked off a United flight for taking pictures of the new first class seats (Boing Boing) — I am failing to understand the logic in this action.


FAA investigating “Harlem Shake” on plane (Boing Boing)

Rape suspect carries stun-gun past TSA checkpoint at JFK airport (Boing Boing)

Video: Ukrainian Lawmaker Flouts Law, Berates Airport Employee (Global Voices)

Shipment of 18 human heads found at Chicago’s O’Hare airport (Reuters)


TSA will allow small knives, golf clubs onto airplanes (Boing Boing)

On the TSA Allowing Teeny Tiny Fucking Pocket Knives Back On Planes. (Taking Sense Away)

On the TSA Allowing Teeny Tiny Knives Aboard Planes, Part II. (Taking Sense Away) — Finally. I can carry my Swiss Army Knife Again… eventually.

TSA agent with fake bomb gets past security at Newark Airport

Video: TSA traumatizes child in wheelchair (Boing Boing)

Other Transportation News

City buses across America now covertly recording passengers’ conversations (Boing Boing) — Arguments for texting each other.

Taunting the TSA

“Your father was a hamster and your mother smelt of elderberries!” 😛

That’s better’n the TSA deserves most of the time. Here’s a few links. Some of them are a little old, simply because I got lazy during the last couple months. However, the incidents are still something that need to be looked at.

General Transportation Security

Judge rejects secret “no-fly” evidence barring ex-Stanford student from returning to US (Boing Boing)

Cops in USA to drive around in pornoscannerwagons, covertly irradiating people and looking through their cars and clothes (Boing Boing) — This is here basically because of the technology they’ve chosen to use.


Letter from a Passenger: A Change.org Petition for the TSA to be More Understanding with Cats. (Taking Sense Away) — Seriously people. A separate room should be used for *all* pet inspections. It’s just common sen… oh, I see.

TSA again weighs possibility of using commercial data to profile air travelers (Boing Boing) — Why do I need a clearance to ride an airplane?

Letter from a Protester: “TSA, Stop Warrantless Searches on the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority.” (Taking Sense Away)

On Shaming the TSA (Taking Sense Away)

An Open Letter to Congressman Michael T. McCaul (Taking Sense Away) — This one is a must read.

TSA terminates its contract with Rapiscan, maker of pornoscanners (Boing Boing) — Happy dance! No more excessive radiation from machines that don’t work!


T-Shirt Leads To Airplane Controversy (Moderate Voice) — Serious people? A tee-shirt? Again? Idjits.

Is This Any Way to Treat a Marine Double-Amputee Afghanistan War Veteran? (Updated) (Moderate Voice) — You made an MoFo Marine cry. What sort of psychopaths are you?


TSA Traumas and Tribulations

Oh, the TSA, they’re no Tribble at all. *snorts* At this point, I’m probably just going to let the stories stand on their own. Because really people…

TSA Gropes Another Senior Citizen (Specifically, Henry Kissinger) (Lowering the Bar)

General Airport Security

Minneapolis airport to spend $20m on new surveillance system (Security Director News)

After identity ruse, NY/NJ Port Authority ditches security contractor (Security Director News)

Newark Airport security supervisor assumed murdered man’s identity for 2 decades (Boing Boing)


Smuggling Nip? (I Can Haz Cheezburger)

Airplanes & Airports

Why lavatory ashtrays are mandatory on nonsmoking flights (Boing Boing)