Books Read in August 2014

The Black Ice Score – Richard Stark

The Killer Book of Serial Killers – Tom Philbin & Michael Philbin

A Broom of One’s Own: Words on Writing, Housecleaning, and Life – Nancy Peacock

This Year You Write Your Novel – Walter Mosely

Graphic Novels:

The Iron Spirit – Steve Niles & Scott Morse

David Bowie’s Top 100 books

Hm… found this link on Open Culture, and thought to myself, I wonder if I agree with him. Or honestly, if I’ve actually read any of the books.

My score was: 2/100

So let’s just say, no, our reading does not align. At all. Holy Hannah. I don’t think there’s anyone’s library that I fail so badly to correlate to. Except, well, anyone who reads Romance. We might have one in common.

The two I’ve actually read? YES, GO READ THESE NOW.

The American Way of Death, Jessica Mitford, 1963

Nineteen Eighty-Four, George Orwell, 1949 <– ESPECIALLY this one.

Book Review: Old Friend from Far Away

Old Friend from Far Away: The Practice of Writing Memoir by Natalie Goldberg

Recommended for all writers, not just those interested in memoir

The subtitle of Old Friend from Far Away is very accurate. This is not a book about structure and theme and all the do’s and don’ts people are so fond of shoveling down our throats when talking about writing. This book is about practice. Almost every page has another exercise to do. Another ten minutes to write. Another memory to plumb.

And it works. It’s almost a form of meditation, but it does work and gets you to observe the world around you and make those weird connections that make your brain operate on a higher level. This is about being concrete and emotion-filled and getting down to the roots of our memories and what we’re really attempting to say.

It makes your fiction writing stronger when you can clearing describe an ending or a summer day or the time you said goodbye to your lover in the train station. When you can find the emotions and color and details in the every day, your writing as a whole becomes stronger. You gain access to something deep and bright and you develop your voice.

Goldberg recommends sitting or walking meditation. I’ve done sitting before and it is a way to learn focus. And if it works for you that’s wonderful. Personally, I found the writing exercises to be a stronger form of meditation – one that works for me.

Highly recommended for all writers.

Books To Read March 2013

The Red Market – Scott Carney

Dark Lord: The Early years – Jamie Thomson

Reggiecide – Chris Dolley

Dead Man’s Hand – Pati Nagle

Winner Lose All – Timothy Zahn

Bold in her Breeches – ed. Jo Stanley

The Friday Society – Adrienne Kress

Bad Pharma – Ben Goldacre

The Right Way to Do Wrong – Harry Houdini

Clair DeWitt and the City of the Dead – Sara Gran

The Knock off Economy – Kal Raustiala and Christopher Sprigman

Dodger – Terry Pratchett

Salvation of a Saint – Keigo Higashino

The Girl Who Fell Beneath Fairyland and Led the Revels There – Catherynne Valente

Sam and Max: Surfin’ the Highway – Steve Purcell

Books to Read January 2013

Breasts – Florence Williams

Science Tales – Darryl Cunningham

Canning for a New Generation – Liana Krissoff

Welcome to Bordertown – ed. Holly Black & Ellen Kushner

The Arrogant Years – Lucette Lagnado

False Covenant – Lou Anders

Chicks Dig Comics – ed. Lyne M. Thomas & Sigrid Ellis

Above – Leah Bobet

Chrome – George Nader

Our Black Year – Maggie Anderson

Books To Read December 2012

War in Heaven – Charles Williams

Brain on Fire – Susannah Cahalan

The People of Forever are not Afraid – Shani Boianjiu

Shadow and Bone – Leigh Bardugo

Bordello Politique – Hank Chapot

Predator Nation – Charles Ferguson

Sex and Punishment – Eric Berkowitz

Mummies, Cannibals, and Vampires – Richard Sugg

Medicinal Cannibalism in Early Modern English Literature and Culture – Louise Noble