Spinning on our Axis

As always these are just the things that have caught my eye.


Bangladesh: Another Indigenous Girl Raped and Killed (Global Voices)


One-armed man arrested in Belarus for clapping (Boing Boing)


Gay Man Lynched in Northern Cameroon (Global Voices)


Unaware, China’s Handan City Consumed Toxic Water for Days (Global Voices)

Chinese Journalists Demand Resignation of Provincial Propaganda Chief (Global Voices)

Website of a Liberal Political Journal Shut Down in China (Global Voices)

China’s Propaganda Department Threatens to Dissolve Beijing News (Global Voices)

China’s Blames “Foreign Forces” for Press Freedom Protests (Global Voices)

China Press Freedom Campaign Swells with New Rally (Moderate Voice)

Censorship Meets Rare Defiance as Journalists Strike in China (Boing Boing)

Cote d’Ivoire

Ivorian Blogger Questions Government’s Response to Abidjan Stampede (Global Voices)

Democratic Republic of Congo

The Elusive Quest for Peace with the M23 in the DRC (Global Voices)


Ecuador: President Refuses to Inaugurate Wind Farm (Global Voices)


Row over 3rd Generation Contraceptive Pills in France (Global Voices)

Dueling Demonstrations Surround Same-Sex Marriage in France (Global Voices)


India Vows Response After ‘Ghastly’ Pakistan Attack (Moderate Voice)


Japan Scrambles Jets to Head Off China Plane (Moderate Voice)


Technology Helps Kenyans Reveal Electoral Registration Fraud (Global Voices)


Kuwaiti Twitter User Jailed for Two Years for Insulting Emir (Global Voices)

New Zealand

Chinese tourists say crooked NZ tour-operator took them to a “buffet” that was really a church soup-kitchen (Boing Boing)


Shot Pakistan Schoolgirl Malala Leaves UK Hospital (Moderate Voice) —YAH!!!!

India Vows Response After ‘Ghastly’ Pakistan Attack (Moderate Voice)


Vladimir Pozner & Russia’s Own Political Correctness (Global Voices)

Secret Money, Hacks, and Politics of Russian Web (Global Voices)

Saudi Arabia

Public Prosecutor Seeks Flogging for Saudi Women Protesters (Global Voices)

70-year-old man marries 15-year-old in Saudi Arabia (CNN)


Delhi Rape Case Sparks Death Penalty Debate in Singapore (Global Voices)


Twitterer Called to Testify in Spain for Gramsci Quotes (Global Voices)

Spanish locksmiths won’t help banks evict people from their homes (Boing Boing)

South Korea

South Korea: The Secret Agent’s Illegal Electioneering
(Global Voices)


Assad’s Fantasies Fuel Syria’s Tragedy (Moderate Voice)

Nearly 9,000 Syrians Flee to Jordan in Six Days: Govt (Moderate Voice)


Tunisian Army Critic Gets a One-Year Suspended Jail Sentence (Global Voices)

United Kingdom

Nepali Citizen Arrested in the UK for Alleged War Crimes (Global Voices)

Irish town councillor tries to get state-owned piece of art removed from public gallery (Boing Boing)


Zambian Ex-President Banda on his 2011 Election Defeat (Global Voices)

World News – beware the piranhas

Okay, before we begin, I have at least one post that features something from this blog. As a creative bit of fiction, I will still applaud it, but it should not be taken in any way as realistic or factual:

White man from Georgia is “Gay Girl from Damascus”

Update on “A Gay Girl in Damascus” (ontd_political)

Statement Regarding the Gay Girl in Damascus Blog (ontd_political)

On the Gay Girl in Damascus Hoax and Filtering Our Stories Through a White Lens (Racalicious)

(You will find the posts featuring this Gay Girl From Damascus listed under Syria. Not going forward, obviously.)

Now, onto the real world news.


I.M.F. Reports Cyberattack Led to ‘Very Major Breach’ (NYT)

IMF considered harmful (boing boing)


‘Anonymous’ Warns NATO: ‘This Is No Longer Your World’ (ontd_political)

Middle East

Middle East women gaining more freedom — through sports (ontd_political)


Volcanic ash on Lake Nahuel Huapi, Argentina (boing boing)


Beyond Gay? Hardly (ontd_political)

Lobbynomics: Canadian Chamber of Commerce manufactures fake $30 billion counterfeiting loss (boing boing)

Ontario publicly funded Catholic school bans rainbows, appropriates student donations for LGBT cause and gives them to Catholic charity (boing boing)

Rainbows banned at Mississauga Catholic school, Students stopped from donating to LGBT organizations (ontd_political)

“Catholic board says yes to equity and inclusivity”. (ontd_political)


Jailed for “attempted homosexuality”….? (ontd_political)


1st Pride Parade in Split, Croatia, ends in violence (ontd_political)


French proposal: any URL to be arbitrarily blacklisted without due process (boing boing)

Gay Marriage Bill Nixed By French Parliament (ontd_political)


Greek Prime Minister Papandreou Offers to Resign (ontd_political)


Mob rule: Iceland crowdsources its next constitution (ontd_political)


New Delhi Plans SlutWalk (ontd_political)


Iranian opposition figure dies of heart attack while on hunger strike (ontd_political)


Gaza’s hospital stock running on near empty (ontd_political)


Berlusconi’s nuclear power plans crushed (ontd_political)


#611nonukes: photos, video from Japan anti-nuclear protests (boing boing)


Libya rape victims face ‘honour killings’ (ontd_political)


Richest pastors in Nigeria (boing boing)


Spain arrests Anonymous members over Sony hack (ontd_political)

Spain Detains 3 in PlayStation Cyberattacks (NYT)


Syrian Army Cracks Down on Protesters (ontd_political)


Thailand seeks to ban tourists’ Buddha tattoos (The Manichi Daily News)


Moscow plans terrorist proof toilets (ontd_political)

United Kingdom

PM wades into poverty row with family outburst (ontd_political)

The EastEnders furore shows gay equality is still a long way off (ontd_political)