Do I really need catchy titles about world news?

As always, these are just the stories that caught my attention. That doesn’t mean that I didn’t miss something important. Or even that these are important, just that they interested me and I hope you find something intriguing here.


MEP who resigned ACTA role explains how the treaty will result in invasive border searches of personal devices, privacy-invading dissemination of public’s personal information (Boing Boing)

Bulgaria and Netherlands back away from ACTA (Boing Boing)

On ACTA, U.S. Media Turned The Other Way (The Moderate Voice)

Pictures from Berlin’s anti-ACTA protest (Boing Boing)

Alan Moore explains the Guy Fawkes mask, Occupy, Anonymous and anti-ACTA protests (Boing Boing)

Boing Boing’s Beschizza talks Megaupload, ACTA, and torrent justice on RT TV (Boing Boing)


Fraud charges leveled at security director for the Rio Olympics (Security Director News)

United Nations

FCC commissioner: don’t let the Internet fall into the UN’s hands (Boing Boing)

In Syria, the U.N. Security Council Fails the World (The Kochi Shimbun, Japan) (The Moderate Voice)


Help on the Way for Afghan Children Dying of Cold (The Moderate Voice)


Protest iPad, Bahrain (Boing Boing)


Answering work emails after hours is overtime: Brazil (The Star)


Anonymous video threatens Canada’s domestic spying minister with embarrassing disclosures (Boing Boing)

Toronto’s librarians need your help and love (Boing Boing)

Rick Mercer: valuing online privacy doesn’t make you criminal, it makes you Canadian (Boing Boing)

Canada’s spy-bill minister has no idea what is in his own law (Boing Boing)

Canadian MP: if you oppose warrantless snooping, you “stand with child pornographers” (Boing Boing)

Canada’s spying bill: be very afraid (Boing Boing)

Canada’s bull-moose civil libertarian on Canada’s new domestic spying law (Boing Boing)

Involuntary transparency for Canada’s spying-bill MP (Boing Boing)

Can you spot the difference on “lawful access” bill? (

Canadian MP demands trick photography to disguise rampant Friday absenteeism in Parliament (Boing Boing)

Canadian tweeps bare all for spying MP (Boing Boing)

Newspaper claims Vikileaks Twitter account traced back to House of Commons (Boing Boing)

Canada’s spying bill also allows appointed “inspectors” unlimited access to ISP data (Boing Boing)

Canada’s government muzzles scientists, stonewalls press queries about health, environment and climate (Boing Boing)

Canada’s sweeping new, evidence-free electronic spying bill (Boing Boing)

Vast hordes of Canadians speak out on proposed copyright legislation; lend your voice! (Boing Boing)

Canadian universities sign bone-stupid copyright deal with collecting society: emailing a link is the same as making a photocopy, faculty email to be surveilled (Boing Boing)


Video from inside a Tibetan community under lockdown, as self-immolations continue (Boing Boing)

Xi Jiping’s hall of mirrors (The Moderate Voice)

China’s Vice President lived in a cave for 7 years, eating gruel (Boing Boing)


Raids on Offices of American NGOs Reveal Scheme to ‘Partition’ Egypt (Al Ahram, Egypt) (The Moderate Voice)

Archaeologists discover tomb of female singer in Valley of the Kings (The Independent)

Egyptians Refuse to Accept What America Would Reject (Amal al-Oumma, Egypt) (The Moderate Voice)


Response to Boing Boing post on “Police Pad” gadgets in Georgia, from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia (Boing Boing)

One more response to Boing Boing post on “Police Pad” gadgets in Georgia, by Some Guy from Georgia (Boing Boing)


Das Liquid Democracy and the German Pirate Party (Boing Boing)

Nazi Baggage Complicates Germany’s New Role as ‘America of Europe’ (Die eit, Germany) (The Moderate Voice)

Hamburg, Germany: Preventive Detention Controversy Splits Politicians and City Residents (Guest Voice)
(The Moderate Voice)

Berlin cuts down 1/6th of the Unter den Linden lime trees to expand underground train line (Ontd_political)


My Big Fat Greek Economic Crisis (The Moderate Voice)

All is not well in Greece (Boing Boing)


Update: Attack on Israeli Embassy Staff in New Delhi (The Moderate Voice)

Iran, Israel & USA: India’s Tightrope Walk (The Moderate Voice)

Why Iran-Israel ‘War’ Spilled to Indian Soil? (The Moderate Voice)

Polio breakthrough: India marks disease-free year (The Raw Story)


Iran, Israel & USA: India’s Tightrope Walk (The Moderate Voice)

Why Iran-Israel ‘War’ Spilled to Indian Soil? (The Moderate Voice)

Was American arrested for spying in Iran producing “propaganda games” for CIA? (Boing Boing)

Risky Profession: Yet Another Iranian Nuclear Scientist Killed (The Moderate Voice)


Corruption in Iraq: ‘Your son is being tortured. He will die if you don’t pay’ (The Guardian)


Update: Attack on Israeli Embassy Staff in New Delhi (The Moderate Voice)

Why Iran-Israel ‘War’ Spilled to Indian Soil? (The Moderate Voice)

Injured Israeli: On Way Home From New Delhi (The Moderate Voice)


Truth and consequences: FRONTLINE’s brilliant documentary on Fukushima (Boing Boing)


President Calderon Implores the U.S.: ‘No More Weapons!’ (El Universal, Mexico) (The Moderate Voice)

With Tale of Drug Lord, U.S. Builds Case for Mexico Intervention (La Jornada, Mexico) (The Moderate Voice)

Homebrew narco-tanks of the Mexican drug war (Boing Boing)

Mexican scientists successfully test vaccine that could cut heroin addiction (The Guardian)


Burma joy as freed prisoners head home (BBC)

US to exchange ambassadors with Burma (BBC)

The Netherlands

Dutch court gives rightsholder group unchecked power to block IPs and domains in the Netherlands (Boing Boing)

North Korea

Nothing To Envy: North Korea (The Moderate Voice)


Pakistani newspaper ad seeks bids for a Great Firewall of Pakistan (Boing Boing)

Saudi Arabia

Interpol accused after Saudi Arabia arrests journalist over Muhammad tweet (Boing Boing)


Report: Syrian Government Using Human Shields on Tanks (The Moderate Voice)

Did Syria’s army use sat-phone surveillance to hunt down and kill journalists? (Boing Boing)


Losar: Tibetan New Year, and “mandatory celebrations” (Boing Boing)

Video from inside a Tibetan community under lockdown, as self-immolations continue (Boing Boing)

United Kingdom

UK gov’t: yes, we kidnapped people and sent them to be tortured by Qaddafi, but you can’t sue us (Boing Boing)

Britain’s threatening and clueless domain takedown message (Boing Boing)

Colorblind painter’s wearable “synesthesia camera” reportedly broken by police (Boing Boing)

Data viz: whom did the UK government invite to emergency talks about the health reform bills? (Boing Boing)

A generational failure (The Moderate Voice) — Honestly, the thing that surprises me most is that she only applied for 200 positions before she killed herself.

Bankster might lose his knighthood (Boing Boing)

UK education minister: times are tough, let’s spend £60M on a new yacht for the Queen! (Boing Boing)

British admin for download links database may be first extradited to US for copyright charges (Boing Boing)

England worst place in the world for bogus “walking while brown” stop-and-searches (Boing Boing)

Cash-strapped UK local authorities spent £0.5B on CCTV in 4 years (Boing Boing)


Our Unwelcome Guest: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (El Universal, Venezuela) (The MOderate Voice)

Ahmadinejad and Chavez Agree: ‘Our Weapon is Love’ (El Universal, Venezuela) (The Moderate Voice)

World News Roundup

Why does it seem as though things aren’t getting better? Still, there’s some positive news. Or at least some news that doesn’t make you want to take a rusty spoon to your eyes here too.

As always, there’s more than one side to any story. These are just the stories I’ve gotten to here. Some of them I have comments on, some of them I don’t. Make your own decisions.


Student Finds Missing Mass, Remains Fabulous While Doing So (ontd_science)

Gay safe sex ads reinstated after uproar (ontd_political)


Women The Latest Target Of Bahrain’s Crackdown (ontd_political)


Bangladeshi woman cuts off attacker’s penis (ontd_political)


Brazil sex education material suspended by President (ontd_political)

Rainforest activists murdered in Brazil (boing boing)


“Democracy” and the Desecration of Native Burial Sites (Alternet)

Bill proposes trans protection to B.C. Human Rights Code (ontd_political)

Canadian Tories refuse to send soldiers to help flood victims because they’d compete with the private sector (Boing Boing)


Gold-farming in a Chinese forced-labor camp (Boing Boing)


Egypt: general confirms “virginity checks” forced on female protesters by military (boing Boing) – I’d say something, but I really don’t want that much profanity on this page.

Egypt lifts four-year blockade of the Gaza Strip, giving Palestinians safe passage out of Israel (ontd_political) – Something good to counter-balance the bad.

New shape of the struggle in Egypt (ontd_political)


Sarkozy minister accused of sexual harassment (ontd_political)

Strauss-Kahn assembles crisis team to fight back (ontd_poltical)


Georgian protests: Two killed as police clear Tbilisi (ontd_political)


Germany: Nuclear power plants to close by 2022 (ontd_political)

New memorial to gay holocaust victims to be built in Munich (ontd_political)


Shabana Azmi, Acting On Her Convictions (ontd_political) – an interesting bio of a Bollywood actress.

As Wealth and Literacy Rise in India, Report Says, So Do Sex-Selective Abortions (NYT)


In ‘Food Deserts,’ Oases of Nutrition (NYT)


Ahmadinejad thinks Europe is using the Weather Dominator to steal Iran’s rain (ontd_political) – See, you can screen The Avengers for some people without explaining that it’s a bad fantasy movie.


Priest Sex-Abuse Case Hits Church of Pope’s Adviser (ontd_political)

Tapes show Italian priest lured teenage boys for sex, paid them with cocaine (boing boing)

Italy earthquake experts charged with manslaughter (ontd_political)


Hashimoto stalks anthem foes (ontd_political)

Japan’s government suggests workers wear Hawaiian shirts to cut down on a/c (ontd_political)


Malta prepares to vote in historic referendum to allow divorce (ontd_political)


Mexico: kindergarten teacher keeps class calm with song as narco gun massacre rages outside (Boing Boing)

Mexican teacher calmed primary pupils with song during drug shooting (ontd_political)


Goodluck Jonathan Sworn In As President (ontd_political)


Dan Choi and other gay rights activists arrested during Moscow Pride violence (ontd_political)


One of the masterminds of Rwanda genocide captured in DRC (ontd_political)

Saudi Arabia

Saudi woman wants to give women the right to drive in her country (boing boing)


RATKO MLADIĆ ARRESTED (ontd_political)

Ratko Mladic, “God of Genocide,” arrested (boing boing)

People I don’t feel bad for: Ratko Mladic (ontd_political)

South Africa

In South Africa’s black townships, being gay can be fatal (LA Times)


Mother sets fire to daughter’s gloating rapist. (ontd_political)


Witness: Shattered humanity inside Syria’s security apparatus (Reuters)

YouTube unblocks video of 13yo Syrian boy allegedly tortured, killed by government thugs (boing boing)


Sudan: 150,000 flee Abyei clash, says southern minister (ontd_political)

United Kingdom

In further case of censorship, the BBC deny Palestine’s right to exist (ontd_political)

Cookie law makes most UK websites illegal: what you need to know (SilkTide)

Four arrests after patient abuse caught on film (ontd_political)