Revenge of the world news

For some reason, the world just won’t stop coming up with new and intriguing things for me to read. Why is that?


What the US government tells European parliamentarians about ACTA (Boing Boing)

Danish band claims collecting society prevented them from playing anti-ACTA gig (Boing Boing)

AnonymousB/c they cross borders

Spain, South America arrest 25 in Anonymous crackdown, with Interpol assist (Boing Boing)


Deadly Fire Incinerates Brazil’s Antarctic Base (Discovery news)


Cudo Stupidity Followup (Whatever)

Australian Senate calls for apology on forced adoptions (ontd_political)

Abortion outrage: Mums should be allowed to terminate newborns, say Australian academics (ontd_political)


Inside Kabul: landmine survivor aid activist live-blogs from lockdown in Afghanistan (Boing Boing)

Why Would Afghani citizens be so angry? (Religion News)


Bolivian riot cops gas, beat wheelchair protesters (Boing Boing)


Deadly Fire Incinerates Brazil’s Antarctic Base (Discovery news)


Icebound, long-abandoned Communist flying saucer in the cliffs of Bulgaria (Boing Boing)


BC government considering legislation to remove teachers right to strike. (ontd_political)

Independent watchdog says Canada’s 2011 elections may have been corrupt (Boing Boing)

Canadian record labels to Canadian Parliament: we want to be able to control search engines, social networking, blogs, video sites, and community sites. Oh, and we want an iPod tax. (Boing Boing)

Alberta doctors continue to bill province for ‘treating’ homosexuality (ontd_political)


Hong Kong Airlines accused of profiting from “flying Taiji dolphin coffins” (Boing Boing)


Finnish alpha males go Esther Williams for breast cancer (Katya’s Non-Profit Marketing Blog)


India’s Government Grudgingly Releases Report on Nuclear Power’s Effect on Human Health (Guest Voice) (The Moderate Voice)

SKS, world’s largest microfinance service, drives debtors to suicide (Boing Boing)


Irish SOPA signed into law (Boing Boing)


America and Japan ‘Too Hasty’ about Resuming Nuclear Plant Construction (Shimpo Hebei Shimbun, Japan) (The Moderate Voice)

Inside Japan’s Nuclear Meltdown, one year later: Frontline doc airs [Feb. 28] on PBS (Boing Boing)

Haunting photos from Fukushima, one year later: “Invisible You,” by Satoru Niwa (Boing Boing)

Join a live Q&A about the first few days of the Fukushima nuclear crisis (boing Boing)

Fukushima and mental health (Boing Boing)


What Happens When U.S. Law Collides With Int’l Law? That’s for The Supremes To Sort Out
(The Moderate Voice)

North Korea

U.S. announces diplomatic breakthrough with North Korea


“Saving Face” May be a Saving Grace for Women Victims of Acid Attacks (Muslimah Media Watch)


The ‘Brutality of the World’, According to Vladimir Putin (Le Quotidien d’Oran, Algeria) (The Moderate Voice)

‘Russia’s Place in a Changing World,’ By Vladimir Putin (Moskovskiye Novosti, Russia)
(The Moderate Voice)

Anti-Gay Law Stirs Fears in Russia (ontd_political)


Hactivistas protest brutal Spanish copyright law with flood of complaints (Boing Boing)


Syria says referendum results coming Monday; vote punctuated by new violence (CNN)

Marie Colvin: a portrait of the slain war correspondent, by Molly Crabapple (Boing Boing)

United Kingdom

Labour to Britain’s Internet: drop dead (Boing BOing)

Make little, make often: how manufacturing could work in the UK (Boing Boing)

Tory Lord tells peers about a weird Internet scam at great length (Boing Boing)

HIV treatment to be free for undocumented migrants and non-UK citizens. (ontd_political)

NHS bill: goodbye comprehensive healthcare, hello private insurance (ontd_political) — Please don’t follow the US example. ktnxbai


Robert Mugabe attacks gays in birthday rant (ontd_political)

New in the World of Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow… whatever

So, I normally try to say something passably clever or at least summarize what’s going on, but my brain’s on vacation. I’ll just offer up this vague disclaimer. These are just the things that caught my eye. Not everything that’s happening. Maybe not even the most important things, but still they’ve intrigued me/upset me/made me smile.


Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom appears in New Zealand court (Boing Boing)

United Nations

Russia and China Veto Syrian Resolution (The Moderate Voice)


Children Freezing to Death: Another Horrific Side of the Afghanistan War (The Moderate Voice)


Bulgarian MPs wear Guy Fawkes mask for ACTA session (Boing Boing)


Debunking the record industry shill who said that his amendments to Canada’s proposed copyright law are no big deal (Boing Boing)

Muslim man’s motivational text to colleagues leads to terror probe (Boing Boing)

Canada’s new SOPA-style copyright bill could shut down YouTube (Boing Boing)


Three Tibetan herders burn themselves alive in protest (Boing Boing)

Communist tablet? (Boing Boing)

Two Tibetans shot dead, another self-immolation, as China’s dissent crackdown continues (Boing Boing)

Czech Republic

Czech Government Suspends ACTA Ratification (TechDirt)


Islamists Win 70% Of Seats In Egyptian Parliament (The Moderate Voice)


Porn in parliament ends ministers’ careers (Boing Boing)

Salman Rushdie Cancels Appearance at Jaipur Literary Festival Due to Assassination Threat (Writers Write)


Iran attacks internet access on Islamic Revolution anniversary (Boing BOing)


(UPDATED) Yet Again, No Accountability For Marines In Iraq (The Moderate Voice)


Irish journalist humiliates EuroBank technocrat who won’t stop ducking hard questions (Boing BOing)


Foreign journalist claims corruption, brutality, death threats from Japanese airport officials (Boing BOing)

Inside the Fukushima exclusion zone: the photography of Satoru Niwa (Boing Boing)


Mexican Banda bandits blamed for school tuba thievery (Boing Boing)

Candidacy tests Mexico’s culture of machismo (Yahoo News)


Romania’s prime minister doesn’t know why he signed ACTA, Czech Republic’s out (Boing Boing)


Julian Assange to host Wikileaks TV show on Kremlin-funded Russian cable network (Boing Boing)


Unexplained 60 meter object resting at the bottom of the Baltic Sea near Sweden (Boing BOing)


Report: Assad’s Office Hacked, Password Was ‘12345’ (Talking Points LiveWire)

United Kingdom

Stephen Fry on the techno-cluelessness of English judges (Boing Boing)

English plainclothes police officer follows himself for 20 minutes (Boing Boing)

Fred Goodwin is no longer a knight (Boing BOing)

Undercover UK cops infiltrated environmental groups, seduced women in the groups, fathered children with them, abandoned them (Boing Boing)

Insane English copyright ruling creates ownership in the idea of a photo’s composition (Boing Boing)

World Events, but no 2011 summary – sorry. :)

So, I’m not going to analyze the year’s events. And when I say no summary, I’ll point out that *I’m* not summarizing anything. Still, my one big thought looking over the year? Beware of protesters. They’ll make s*** happen.


Bolivian police say brother and sister killed sibling in attempted exorcism (The Washington Post)

Cabo Verde

Cesaria Evora, 1941-2011 (Boing Boing)


Canadian Republicans? (The Moderate Voice)


Chinese village evicts police, army, Party officials (Boing Boing)

The Two Faces of China (the Moderate Voice)

China’s Future is Up in the Air (The Moderate Voice)

Is China’s Rise Inevitable? (The Moderate Voice)


How Egypt’s Nude Revolutionary Delivered a Stick of Dynamite (Racialicious)

Egypt’s Progress (The Moderate Voice)

The economic factors behind Arab Spring revolutions and why Mubarak was right (The Moderate Voice)

‘Virginity Tests’ Banned in Army Prisons (Discovery News) — FINALLY! I won’t say more on this b/c the whole issue makes me foam at the mouth.


Munich’s Mail System Has A Big Dog Poop Problem (Consumerist)

Anti-fascists brick up Neo-Nazi politician’s front door (Ontd_political)


Iranian TV shows downed US drone (Boing BOing)

Iran Claims Shooting-down of US Spy Plane (UPDATES) (The Moderate Voice)


Blackwater and co Iraq data-dump: mercenaries shot a judge with impunity, used bullets as hand signals, were not disciplined as this “would lower morale” (Boing Boing)

Secret Haditha Massacre Documents Are A Fitting Coda To The End Of Iraq War (The Moderate Voice)

Article about the Baghdad Country Club (Boing Boing)

The Coming Iraqi Storm (Al Iraq News, Iraq (The Moderate Voice)


No. The Irish Economy Is Not Recovering (Brad deLong)

North Korea

Why the Kim Jong-un Regime is ‘Doomed’ (The Daily North Korea, South Korea) (The Moderate Voice)


Disastrous Friendly Fire Event in Pakistan Could Grind the U.S. Afghan Campaign to a Halt (Guest Voice) (The Moderate Voice)


Peruvian mayor: strontium in water makes you gay (Boing Boing)


Putin is Better than Goldman Sachs (Komsomolskaya Pravda, Russia) (The Moderate Voice)

Russia Botches Another Rocket Launch (Discovery News)

Putin Fires Chief Strategist: Battens Down the Hatches (The Moderate Voice)

Bad Vlad Back in the USSR (The MOderate Voice)

Bots flood Twitter with noise to drown out anti-Kremlin tweets (Boing Boing)

Putin Suffers Blow In Russian Elections (The Moderate Voice)

United Kingdom

400-year-old Pendle witch cottage discovered (Boing Boing)

Tourist trap dungeon’s skeleton turns out to be real (Boing Boing)

Has There Ever Been a Worse Politician than Nicholas Clegg? (Brad deLong)

Paul Krugman on British Debt and the Need for Austerity (Brad deLong)

British Austerity: The Past Weighs Like a Nightmare on the Brains of Cameron and Osborne Blogging (Brad deLong)

New, Old, and In Between World News

The world continues to explode with news. Below are just some of the bits I’ve captured. From earthquakes to dictator’s to human rights. These have caught my attention.


Open For Questions: Crisis in the Horn of Africa (The White House)

European Union

EU Leaders Meet. Ordinary Europeans Weep. Bankers Celebrate. (The Moderate Voice)

Oh No He Didn’t: Sarkozy tells Cameron to ‘shut up’ on eurozone (ontd_political)


Former Argentine naval officer Alfredo Astiz has been jailed (ontd_political)


Australian detention centres breaking people – report (ontd_political)


Mystery feet identified (Boing Boing)

Air Canada flight attendants blocked from legal strike, says labour board (ontd_political)

Canada Blocks Torture Case Against Bush (ontd_political)

Mountie slapped for online office striptease (ontd_political)

Canadian Tory MP: Don’t worry about violating our stupid new copyright law, because we probably won’t catch you if you do (Boing BOing)

Toronto mayor confronted by comedy interviewer calls 911, reportedly shouts “You bitches! Don’t you fucking know? I’m Rob fucking Ford, the mayor of this city! (Boing Boing)

Rob Ford denies calling 911 dispatcher names (ontd_political)


Long Pursuit of Justice Takes a Father Beyond the Law (ontd_political)


On contraception and abortion and their linkage to population control in India (ontd_political)

“Wife-sharing” haunts Indian villages as girls decline (ontd_political)


Two dead, hundreds stranded in Irish flooding (Reuters)


Gadhafi Was Brutalized More Than Originally Thought (The Moderate Voice)

“A new era of promise”: President Obama on the Declaration of Liberation in Libya (White House)

When Condoleezza Rice met Moammar Gaddafi (The Washington Post)

Criminal Court in Indirect Talks With Qaddafi Son, Prosecutor Says (New York Times)

The New Libya Is Not Off To A Good Start (The Moderate Voice)


Blog del Narco, site chronicling Mexican drug cartel violence, is under attack (Boing Boing)




Palestinian Bid for Full Unesco Membership Imperils American Financing (Ontd_Political)


Russian families sue child mix-up hospital (ontd_political)

Saudi Arabia

Nayef named Saudi crown prince (Reuters)

Will Saudi Succession Impact the Country’s Energy Exports? (Guest Voice) (The Moderate Voice)


Unemployment Rising in Spain (The Moderate Voice)


Thai floods shut Bangkok’s second largest airport as PM warns of possible inundation (The Washington Post)

Fears of Food Shortages Rise With Thai Floods (The Wall Street Journal)


Tunisians Going to the Polls in the First Post Arab Spring Elections (Guest Voice) (The Moderate Voice)



The Earthquake in Turkey (The White House)

Earthquake hits Turkey, up to 1,000 possibly killed (ontd_political)

7.2 earthquake hits Turkey, more than a thousand feared dead (Boing Boing)

Turkey earthquake: Death toll passes 430 (BBC News)

United Kingdom

Stuart Walker found burned by roadside in Cumnock (ontd_Political)

MP withdraws from Commons Committee over threats of violence (ontd_political)

Tree surgeon in trouble over deceased father’s egg collection (ontd_political)

Royal Shazam: The Biggest Shakeup In The Rules Of Succession For British Royalty (The Moderate Voice)

Margaret Thatcher reimbursed for more than £500K in expenses by UK taxpayers (Boing Boing)


More turmoil in Yemen. Possible turning point? (ontd_political)

All the worldly news that catches my eye


Europe moves to end passport-free travel in migrant row (ontd_political) – Papers please. *sighs*


Australian journalist arrested for reporting facebook security breach (boing boing)

Muslim group wants Sharia Law in Australia (ontd_political)


Belarus: opposition presidential candidate sentenced to 5 years hard labor (Boing Boing)


Canada-U.S. border under scrutiny again (CBC News) — Let me state for the record, I don’t believe that tightening security on the Canadian border is worth it. I don’t believe that the “wall” in Mexico is worth the money. I think this is all bull-hockey. In fact, if you *want* to find a way past the border. You *will* find a way. We should be reaching out and unifying with our neighbors, not trying to build fences to keep us apart. “Good fences make good neighbors” is *not the point* if you *read the damned poem*

Canadian copyright collective wants a music tax on memory cards (Boing Boing)

The coming conservative court: Harper to reshape judiciary (ontd_political)


For Chinese, kidney donation is a click away (Al Jazeera)

One-Dog only (ontd_political)

US to break China web firewall (ontd_political) – Okay, so really, this is an American thing, but it’s sparked by what’s happening in China. And it’s actually rather amusing, considering the amount of net control the US wants to enact.


Denmark to lay claim to North Pole, leaked documents suggest (ontd_political)


So technically this is happening in the US, but it’s important to France:

Update on the accused rapist IMF chief (ontd_political)

I.M.F. Head Is Arrested and Accused of Sexual Attack (ontd_political)

Amid global recession, new IMF strategy: raping commoners one at a time (boing boing)

Don’t let Dominique Strauss-Kahn become the victim (ontd_political)


Former Nazi Camp Guard Gets Five Years (Discovery News)

Judge Files Complaint against Merkel over Bin Laden Comments (ontd_political)


Greek officials urge calm after racist attacks (Las Vegas Sun)


Guatemala: 27 massacred, decapitated in Petén by paramilitary drug gang Los Zetas (UPDATED)
(boing boing)


Acid blinding sentence of Iranian man postponed (ontd_political)


QEII makes first ever official visit to the Republic of Ireland (ontd_political)


Who cares if Hamas recognises Israel? (ontd_political)


How Fudai, Japan Defied The Tsunami Devastation (ontd_political)


Pakistan slams US over Bin Laden raid (ontd_political)

Pakistan bombings: Taliban admits Shabqadar attacks (BBC News) – Killing your own is *not* the way to get recruits.


The Long Overdue Palestinian State (ontd_political)

Who cares if Hamas recognises Israel? (ontd_political)


Russia arrests man who ate human liver with potatoes (Yahoo News)

Saudi Arabia

Saudi woman seeks to put women in the driving seat (ontd_political)

Saudi Arabia: A Woman Challenges the Law by Driving in Jeddah (Global Voices)


Nobody expects the Spanish revolution: photos from “Real Democracy” protests in Spain (boing boing)

Tens of thousands march in Spain to protest against austerity measures, banks, politicians (ontd_political)

Update on “Spanish Revolution” protests: riot police surrounding protesters in Madrid (Boing boing)


Syrian dissidents use donkeys to smuggle videos to Jordan (boing boing)


Blackwater founder Erik Prince building American-led army of revolution-crushing mercenaries in UAE (Boing boing)


Uganda lawmakers remove death penalty clause from anti-gay bill (ontd_political) – I don’t even have *words* for how much the idea of this pisses me off.

The Uganda Anti-Gay Bill’s U.S. Roots (ontd_political)

United Kingdom

Nadine Dorries tells child sex abuse victims to ‘just say no’ (ontd_political)

Council removes foreign language papers from libaries to encourage English speaking (The Telegraph)

Wise Wizard telling kids about Teh Gay!. i.e. Fabulous Pride is Contagious (ontd_political) – I love Sir Ian McKellen. This is absolutely brilliant

If Scotland does secede, I won’t be alone in mourning for my country (ontd_political)

UK copyright reforms sound sane, useful (boing boing)

The spring of discontent

And so, things continue. Here’s some of the interesting world events that have popped up on my viewscreen.


War and video: Some thoughts on the flood of graphic “conflict clips” online (boing boing)


Florida Pastor Burns Koran; Protests in Afghanistan Lead to Deaths, Including Foreign Workers (ontd_political)

UN staff killed in Afghanistan Quran protests (ontd_political)


Ai Weiwei detained by Chinese police (The Guardian)


Iceland seeks to become sanctuary for free speech (ontd_political)


Omagh booby-trap bomb kills policeman (ontd_political)


Reconsidering the Goldstone Report on Israel and war crimes (ontd_political)

Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast conflict: 800 killed in one town on one day; France takes over airport (boing boing)


Iman Al-Obeidi: “Every Day I Am Beaten” (NPR audio) (boing boing)

Israeli weapons in Libya? Andy Carvin and his Twitter followers debunk sloppy reporting, tweet by tweet (boing boing)


Moscow cops confiscate copies of book outing corrupt authorities (boing Boing)


Yemen conflict: “Can you hear me now? Good!” (photo) (Boing Boing)