Wide World Events

There’s still massive shifts happening across the world and they’re as hard to predict for the lay person as plate techtonics.

These are the bits that caught my attention.


James Murdoch, “the first Mafia boss in history who didn’t know he was running a criminal enterprise” (Boing Boing)

NewsCorp shareholders revolt against Murdoch family (Boing Boing)


Al Qaeda Threatening Positive Progress in Africa (The Moderate Voice)

European Union

Europeans: EU to vote on ACTA, get informed and involved! (Boing Boing)


Three-Eyed Fish Discovered Near Argentinian Nuclear Facility (io9)


How Toronto Lost Its Groove (ontd_political)

Torture victims target Bush’s Surrey visit (ontd_political)


China Completes Second Orbital Docking
(Discovery News)


Egypt: “social media activist” hero Alaa Abd El-Fattah jailed for another 15 days (Boing Boing)


Hostages freed by al-Qaeda arrive home in France (ontd_political)

French court sends EDF execs to jail for hacking, spying on Greenpeace (Boing Boing)


After 43 years, Germans finally to see Star Trek Nazi episode on network TV (ontd_political)


Hopes Raised in Europe and U.S.: Greece Swears in New Prime Minister Lucas Papademos (The Moderate Voice)


Greenland ice sheet melting at unprecedented rates (ontd_political)


Is It Time For India To Try On Its Super Power Shoes & Start Being One? (The Moderate Voice)


Ex-Israeli President to serve 7 years for rape (ontd_political)

Israel & Palestine

Judge Goldstone’s Offensive Apology for Apartheid (ontd_political)


New PM Monti looks to form new cabinet (ontd_political)

Berlusconi To Resign (The Moderate Voice)

Berlusconi Bye Bye? (Boing Boing)

Presto Panico: Berlusconi Screws The Pooch, Italy, Maybe The World (The Moderate Voice)

Berlusconi to neo-fascists: “I’ll be back.” (Boing Boing)

Bye-bye, Bunga-bunga: “Addio Berlusconi” (Boing Boing)


Op-ed by US hiker jailed in Iran: solitary confinement is torture (Boing Boing)

Is There A Middle Ground In Dealing With The Threat Of A Nuclear Iran? (The Moderate Voice)

BREAKING: Massive Explosion Reported at Military Base West of Tehran (UPDATES) (The Moderate Voice)


ICYMI: Crowdsourcing radiation data inside Fukushima hot zone, Xeni in Japan (Boing BOing)

Hacking geigers: Safecast crowdsources radiation data in Japan after Fukushima disaster (Boing Boing)

What’s the fallout for pets abandoned in Japan’s Fukushima hot zone? (Boing Boing)

Safecast draws on power of the crowd to map Japan’s radiation (Boing Boing)

New International Report Shreds Japan’s Carefully Constructed Fukushima Scenario (Guest Voice) (The Moderate Voice)

Inside Fukushima: 8 months after disaster, foreign journalists get first look at crippled nuclear plant (Boing Boing)

Tsunami dead were idiots for being too slow, says minister (ontd_political)


Gaddafi Said To now be Buried in Secret Location along with others. (The Moderate Voice)


Anonymous Spokesman Flees Over Safety Concerns (Discovery News)

Mexico helicopter crash kills Interior Secretary Blake Mora (ontd_political)

Prostitutes, pot, pet peacocks, and plasma TVs found in Mexico prison raid (Boing Boing)

Mexico: moderator of online discussion forum about narcos reported as tortured, decapitated by narcos (UPDATED) (Boing Boing)

Mexico: Nuevo Laredo online says murdered man wasn’t blogger or “social media” reporter, but scapegoat for terror (Boing Boing)

Mexico’s “War on Drugs” leads to catastrophic rise of murder, torture, “disappearance” (Boing Boing)

Report: “No proof” man killed in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico was social media user (Boing Boing)

Mexico: Interior Minister killed in mysterious chopper crash 3 years after predecessor’s death in mysterious plane crash
(Boing Boing)


Stolen government of Malaysia certificate used to sign malicious fake Adobe software update (Boing Boing)

The Netherlands

Halal and kosher hit by Dutch ban (ontd_political)


Russia Mars Probe May Fall to Earth in January (Discovery News)

Toxic Russian Mars Probe Heads Back to Earth (Discovery News)

Russian Mars Probe ‘Considered Lost’ (Discovery News)

Russia’s Mars Mission May Be In Trouble (Discovery News)


School head on rape claim: ‘boys will be boys’ (ontd_political)


Muslims outraged over pig parts dumped at Swiss Mosque site (ontd_Political)


Human Rights Watch reports “Crimes against humanity” in Syria (Boing Boing)


Flood-hacking in Thailand (Boing Boing)

United Kingdom

UK City Forcing Taxi Drivers To Record All Passengers (Consumerist)

‘Can He Speak English?’ Westminster Official Asks Welsh Teacher And Former Union President (ontd_political)

UK religious, political leader calls gay rights Advocates ‘Gaystapo’ (ontd_political)

Secret documents reveal the flimsy case for Ofcom to give into BBC’s public TV DRM demands (Boing Boing)

British man calls police after confusing the Moon for a UFO (io9)

Sales tax is still regressive, gravity still sucks, and George Osborne is still a delusional ideologue (Boing Boing)

The Stimulus Worked (The Moderate Voice)

Liberal whingers are wrong – we should shut our libraries (ontd_political) — Just a note. In answer to the first question – I went to the library two weeks ago and I’ve got one of the books sitting on my desk right now. So /insert rude gesture here/


BREAKING: Wilson Ramos Rescued, Safe in Venezuela (The Moderate Voice)

Running in Circles – World News

Things change, stories linger, things *don’t* change. It’s still the world and we’re stuck with it, so might as well keep an eye on what’s happening.


NoW placed hacking lawyers under surveillance (BBC News)


Progress at the G-20 (The White House)


Qantas/Unions ongoing dispute: Qantas grounds all flights (Ontd_political)


Brazilian police car rams smuggler’s airplane (Boing Boing)

Despite Booming Economy, Brazilians Rally Against Amazonian Dam (The Moderate Voice)


Hollywood production in Chinese city of Linyi attended by human rights abuses (Boing Boing)

China’s Unmanned Spacecraft Blasts Off (Discovery News)


Kick-ass makeup on Colombian student protesters (Boing Boing)


Egypt: Tarek Shalaby on “Free Alaa. Again.” (Boing Boing)

Free Alaa. Again. (Boing Boing)

Upcoming elections in Egypt – Muslim Brotherhood Buying votes (The Moderate Voice)


Fresh German police-malware uncovered; everything the police said in defense to date revealed as lies (Boing Boing)


The Crisis in Greece Threatens European and American Economies (The Moderate Voice)


Do Greeks Want to Stay in the Euro Zone? That Is the Question.


Human Rights Issues in Serbia and Hungary (Slacktivist)


Arab Spring Pushes Iran Closer to Nuclear Weapons (The Moderate Voice)


Iraq: more blasts and few US gains (The Moderate Voice)

‘My daughter deserved to die for falling in love’ (ontd_Political)

Israel & Palestine

new Israeli airstrike into Gaza after “ceasefire” (ontd_Political)

UNESCO Fiasco: Dancing to Netanyahu’s Tune (ontd_political)


Fukushima: The first 24 hours (Boing Boing)


Anonymous Cancels Operation Cartel as Los Zetas Track Hacktivists (ontd_political)


We Hates Them Meeses To Pieces (The Moderate Voice)


Sesame Street International: Pakistani Edition Of Iconic Kids’ Show Launched (ontd_political)

Pakistan Indictments in Assassination of Benazir Bhutto (The Moderate Voice)


Russian historian charged with grave robbing after police discover “gruesome tableau” of 29 mummified bodies in his home (Boing Boing)

Russia dumps daylight savings (Boing Boing)


Human Rights Issues in Serbia and Hungary (Slacktivist)


Al-Qaida targets Somalia drought victims with cash handouts (ontd_political)


Julian Assange of WikiLeaks loses appeal. Will be extradited to Sweden to face charges

Pirate Party mysteriously barred from exhibiting at Sweden’s Gamex (Boing Boing)

Julian Assange loses extradition appeal (Boing Boing)


Why Syria Is Different Than Libya. Or Is It? (The Moderate Voice)


Thailand is 20% underwater, and is second-biggest hard drive producer after China. Now do you care about the floods? (Boing Boing)

Updates on the +4 months of flooding in Thailand and the earthquake in Turkey (ontd_political)


Exiled Tibetans hold memorial for self-immolators protesting Chinese military rule (Boing Boing)


Tunisia recognizes the American Transitional National Council (Boing Boing)


Updates on the +4 months of flooding in Thailand and the earthquake in Turkey (ontd_political)

    United Kingdom

Prince Charles exercises a secret veto over a wide swath of UK legislation (Boing Boing)


London cops recording movements & association with mobile tracking device: “blanket & indiscriminate” (Boing Boing)


Leader of the Scottish Lib Dems has a hot new political strategy – racist, alarmist photoshopping! (ontd_Political)


Welsh nightclubs to fingerprint customers (Boing Boing)

Up, Down, Back and Forth, World News from Around the Globe

As always, these are just the events that captured my attention.

There’s more under the #OccupyWallStreet post, since that went world wide this week.

I have no predictions on what’s going to happen next. But, my, it is exciting isn’t it?

Just when you thought the story was over:

Tom Watson to attend NewsCorp board meetings with “details of previously undisclosed surveillance methods” (Boing Boing)

European Union

EU vs Facebook: Facebook’s dossiers on Europeans breach EU privacy laws (Boing Boing)


New South Wales Parliament rejects motion to sack Magistrate with bi-polar disorder (ontd_political)


Belarus central bank sells off its office furniture (The Guardian)


In Bhutan’s young democracy, a Dragon King comes of age (ontd_Political)


Canadian Tories admit that Canadians don’t want DRM rules, push for them anyway (Boing BOing)

Texas conservatives reject Harper’s crime plan (ontd_political)

Canadian government advice defines abortionists as terrorists (Boing Boing)

Mother of former UW student who was charged in campus poster spree says her son is sick, not a women-hater (ontd_political)

Ottawa councillor’s bullied son commits suicide (ontd_political)


Mother’s fight to exonerate executed son galvanizes China (ontd_political)

China’s “Steve Jobs-style” Innovators (ontd_political)


France orders ISPs to block site showing police misconduct videos (Boing Boing)

French Polynesia

Yachtsman eaten by cannibals. Or not. (Boing Boing)


Greece: Mother of All Strikes Ahead of Tough Austerity Vote (The Moderate Voice)


Wall Street Uprisings Herald Victory of Islam and Iran! (Kayhan, Islamic Republic of Iran) (The Moderate Voice)


Remembering Gaza (ontd_political)

Prominent Palestinian prisoners to be freed in swap with Israel (ontd_political)


Rome Burns (Boing Boing)


Japan: High radioactive cesium concentrations found in plankton off Fukushima shores (BOing Boing)

Tokyo radiation hotspot ‘not linked to Fukushima’ (ontd_political)

At a Tokyo radiation hotspot, weirdness abounds (Boing BOing)

(UPDATE V) Being On The Right Side Of History — For A Change (The Moderate Voice) – WARNING: Graphic Images

Gaddafi killed in hometown, Libya eyes future (Reuters)

Qaddafi: Reports that ‘They Got Him,’ Perhaps Killed Him (UPDATED) (The Moderate Voice)

BREAKING NEWS Reuters: A Captured Wounded Moammar Gadhafi Reported Dead UPDATE: Purported Cellphone Photo of Wounded or Dead Dictator Released (The Moderate Voice)

Why We Love the Porn of War (Forbes)

President Obama’s Remarks on the Death of Muammar el-Qaddafi (White House)

The Day Gaddafi Died: Photos (warning, graphic content) (Boing Boing) – WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES

Gadhafi’s Death and The Word on the Street (Guest Voice) (The Moderate Voice)

Gaddafi is dead (ontd_political)

Muammar Gaddafi killed (Boing Boing)


Anna Grodzka Becomes Poland’s First Openly Transgender Member Of Parliament (ontd_political)

Saudi Arabia

Saudi men arrested over viral video about poverty in Riyadh (Boing Boing)


Spain’s Basque Separatist ETA Group Announces “Definitive” End to Violence (The Moderate Voice)

Basque Separatists Declare Halt to Violence (ontd_political)

Spain’s stolen babies, and the families who lived a lie (ontd_political)


Nun becomes ninth Tibetan to self-immolate as protest against Chinese military repression


Turkey’s Kurds long for “Kurdish Spring” (ontd_Political)

United Kingdom

The government’s controversial NHS bill for England has cleared a crucial hurdle after peers rejected a proposal to send it for further scrutiny. (ontd_political)

Why are more people opting for legal name-changes than ever before? (Boing Boing)

May vows Hillsborough facts in full (ontd_political)

You Spin Me Right Round

And so, we have a round-up of news and information. This is world news. Not the science, not the pop-culture. Well, not unless it touches something deeper.

And yet, I know there’s more that I’ve missed and some things that may be old news to some, yet still new to me.

Oh, and something new. The links should pop up in a new window or tab today.

Terrorism – not sure where to put this elsewise –

9/11 Terrorists Debunk 9/11 Conspiracies (Discovery News)

Kenya seeks talks with French woman’s kidnappers (ontd_political)

South Pole



Bulgarian rally links Roma to organised crime (Ontd_political)


Debunking James Moore’s talking points on Canada’s new copyright law (Boing Boing)

Canada’s new copyright law punishes blind and visually impaired people (Boing Boing)

Awesome mentor program for Toronto high schoolers (Boing Boing)


Tibetan Suicide Protests Violate Buddhist Ethics (ontd_political)

Admired and reviled, Chinese-American ambassador challenges China’s views on ethnicity (ontd_political)


Denmark is to impose the world’s first “fat tax” in a drive to slim its population and cut heart disease. (ontd_political)


Why Iceland Should Be in the News, But Is Not (ontd_political)

First lady of Iceland climbs security fence to join protesters (Boing Boing)


Inter student sets herself ablaze for Telangana cause (ontd_political)


Indonesia’s only female sex therapist tackles myths about AIDS, pregnancy online (ontd_political)


Koch Brothers Flout Law Getting Richer With Secret Iran Sales (Bloomberg)

Mystery surrounds suicide of Iranian bloggers (ontd_political)


Court to rule on legality of Israeli ultra-Orthodox ‘Taliban sect’ (ontd_political)

Israel & Palestine

Palestinian Prisoners Take Center Stage in Palestine (Huffington Post)


Wikipedia Shuts Down Italian Site In Response To Berlusconi’s New Wiretap Act (ontd_political)

Italy’s insane Internet law prompts removal of Italian Wikipedia (Boing Boing)


Govt to position Tohoku as hub for rare metal recovery (ontd_political)


Kenya seeks talks with French woman’s kidnappers (ontd_political)


Until 2 years do us part? (ontd_political)


Namibia: Skulls Repatriated – But No Official German Apology (ontd_political)


Counting the Cost: corporations and human rights abuses in the Niger Delta (Platform)


Gay Rights Rally Assault Charge Is Dropped (ontd_political)

Russia’s Putin says wants to build “Eurasian Union” (ontd_political

South Africa

Slow Visa Processing Leads to Cancellation of Dalai Lama’s trip to South Africa (ontd_political)


Tibetan Suicide Protests Violate Buddhist Ethics (ontd_political)

United Kingdom

Bletchley Park gets a £4.6m grant, financed by government pro-innumeracy programme (Boing Boing)

UK would be financially worse off without Scotland says Goldie (ontd_political)

Some UK rail stations add airport-style body-scanners (Boing Boing)

Gravitational pull of that which needs attention

I was planning to add in Occupy Wall Street here, but it really needed its own post. I’ll be out tomorrow.


As Scorn for Vote Grows, Protests Surge Around Globe (ontd_political)


FWD the Facts about Famine, War, and Drought in the Horn of Africa (White House)


News Corp may face American class action suit


Former IMF boss claims immunity in civil case (ontd_political)


Afghanistan’s Lone Female Air Force Pilot (ontd_political)


Australia to let women fight on the front line (ontd_political)


Bahrain medical staff sentenced over protests (ontd_political)

We stand by the Bahraini protestors; we stand by their delicious supression, which we had a hand in! (ontd_political)


Native protests in Bolivia violently repressed by police (Boing Boing)


Brazilian woman found alive in morgue by daughter (boing boing)


Williams Lake girl accuses RCMP of assault (ontd_political)

Baby Joseph’ Dies at Home After Long Treatment Battle (ontd_political)

Abortion debate reopened, Tory MP Trost says (ontd_political)

Top court to rule Friday on Vancouver’s supervised injection site (ontd_political)

Redmen team name irks Saskatoon high school graduate (ontd_political)

Canada urged to launch Cheney torture probe (ontd_political)

St. Albert dad fights public school division over Lord’s Prayer (ontd_political)

Toronto Convention Centre charges attendees $150/day to use WiFi (Boing Boing)

‘Taking Back Their Power’ on Parliament Hill (ontd_political)

Vancouver’s new sex-trade strategy praised by advocacy group (ontd_political)

Cherokee Nation

Cherokee Freed Men Citizenship restored (ontd_political)


China space launch “all systems go” for Thursday (Boing Boing)

2 Tibetan monks set themselves on fire as part of protest (ontd_political)

Man who kept sex slaves in cellar sacked, loses Party membership (Shanghai Daily)

China will launch a prototype of its space station later this week (i09)

Journalist Is Detained in China for Article on Sex Slaves (ontd_political)

China: Awesome gentleman builds homemade flying contraption powered by eight motorcycle engines (Boing boing)


Child finds jar of fingers (boing boing)

France: The Battle against Sexism (ontd_political)

France’s burqa ban: women are ‘effectively under house arrest’ (ontd_political)

Deprived of mosque, Paris Muslims pray in fire station (ontd_political)


Unidentified teenage boy emerges from forest (Boing Boing)


Suicide Bombing in Indonesia (ontd_political)


Iran blocks TOR, TOR unblocks itself later that day (Boing boing)

What media coverage omits about US hikers released by Iran (ontd_political)


Shelly Yachimovich elected as new leader of Israel’s Labor Party (ontd_political)

Israel & Palestine

lets get down to brass tacks… (ontd_political)

Israel approves 1,100 settler homes in Gilo, Jerusalem (ontd_political)

The IDF quietly abandons its spin on Eilat attack (ontd_political)

Palestinians ready to put statehood on backburner in favour of peace talks (ontd_political)


Italian MPs propose Internet disconnection law: one copyright accusation from anyone and you lose your Internet connection (Boing boing)

Italy Actually Going Through With Manslaughter Trial of Seismologists (ontd_political) — This is idiocy.

Belen, Berlusconi, and bunga-bunga (Boing Boing)


FGM: Kenya acts against unkindest cut (ontd_political)

Good news in Kenya slum (ontd_political)


In Beirut, a beauty parlour for 4-year-old girls (Boing Boing)


President Obama at the U.N. on Libya: “We will Stand with You” (White House)


Cartel thugs go phishing in Mexico: Fliers circulate with fake email to “denounce” Monterrey narcos (Boing Boing)

Five human heads found at Acapulco, Mexico primary school, in presumed drug cartel mass killing (boing Boing)

Who are Los Mata Zetas? “Zetas Killers” viral video promises vengeance on Mexican drug cartel (Boing Boing)

Woman in Mexico beheaded for posting about narcos on social networking site (boing boing)

Mexico: 35 bodies in Veracruz, in presumed drug cartel mass killing (Boing BOing)

Mexico: As corpses stack up in narco-violence, president launches surreal TV tourism campaign (Boing Boing)

Mexico drops charges in Veracruz “Twitter Terorrism” case (Boing Boing)

Mexico: Drug cartels shift threats to social media (Boing Boing)



Saudi Arabia

Saudi king revokes flogging of female driver (ontd_political)

Women in Saudi Arabia to vote and run in elections (ontd_political)

South Sudan

Google adds South Sudan to Google Maps (ontd_political)


Bullfighting ends in Catalonia Spain (ontd_political)


Hell is Syria: 18-year old woman dies gruesome death in detention (Boing Boing)


Tasmania to leglise gay marriage (maybe) (ontd_political)


Ugandans say they were beaten and forced from homes to make room for carbon credit forest (Boing Boing)

United Kingdom

BBC Drops B.C./A.D. Dating Method: Christians Outraged (ontd_political)

Brain-damaged woman’s family loses right to die case (ontd_political)

UK Labour Party wants journalism licenses, will prohibit “journalism” by people who are “struck off” the register of licensed journalists (Boing Boing)

UK patent office seeks public’s help with prior art that invalidates patent applications (boing boing)

The gender-free British passport: UK travellers may no longer have to declare their sex, to spare feelings of ‘transgender people’ (ontd_political)

Dale Farm: Travellers win injunction delaying eviction (ontd_political)

A Slap on the Wrist for Satoshi Kanazawa (Racialicious)

The Top keeps spinning

Okay, so things were a little crazy on the East Coast of the US last week. Earthquakes and hurricanes and tornados, oh my!

Yet there was still a lot going on around the rest of the world.


Intersex, trans female, and CAMAB non-binary Australians can all become sex offenders. (ontd_political) – So, this means that any women or men who are on hormone replacement or take birth control are on this list too, right?



Almost 55% Have Voted to Repeal the BC HST! (ontd_political)

Chalk memorial for Jack Layton in front of Toronto’s New City Hall (boing boing)


Women leading revolutions: Chile’s Camila Vallejo (ontd_political)


Ai Weiwei, artist and dissident, rips into Chinese gov in post-prison op-ed (boing boing) [Op-Ed]

China & Japan

Japan’s political turmoil a lever for China / Beijing again times aggressive play on Senkakus to coincide with power vacuum in Tokyo (Daily Yomiuri)


Deadly shooting outside Danish mosque (UPDATE) (ontd_political)

El Salvador

Yr bloodstained water poisoning gold…time for a boycott esp. targeting US/Canadian Pacific Rim (ontd_political)


German Foreign Minister ‘Has Lost All Authority’ (ontd_political)


Should Creole replace French in Haiti’s schools? (BBC)


Catholic officials in Ireland object to child abuse disclosure law (boing boing)


Israel: Children Facing Deportation Find Friends (Global Issues)

Israel & Palestine

Israel mulls arming ‘trained’ settlers (ontd_political)


Japan: Prime Minister Naoto Kan resigns (boing boing)

Chances of big quake below Tokyo rising (ontd_political)


Libya: Gadhafi’s loose weapons could be “1000 Times’ worse than Saddam’s (boing boing)

Secret documents reveal “Gaddafi’s desperate bid to save regime” (boing boing)

Evidence of ‘mass execution’ in Tripoli (ontd_political)

Libya: Can It Become an Oil Superpower? (Business Week)

Gaddafi’s high-tech computer spying facility revealed (boing boing)

Gaddafi family members flee to Algeria (ontd_political)

Gadafy daughter who ‘died’ in 1986 alive (ontd_political)

Gaddafi raped his female bodyguards (ontd_political)

Libya: Col Gaddafi ‘directed tens of thousands of refugees towards Italy as human bombs’ (ontd_political)


Casino Deaths Stun Mexico (ontd_political)

Northern Sudan

Ethnic Cleansing in South Kordofan (ontd_political)


Man arrested in Norway with police uniforms, weapons and explosives (ontd_political)

South Africa

Facebook Photo of White Man with Black Child’s Body Shocks South Africa (International Business Times)


Spain: Racism and Intolerance Advance Relentlessly (Global Voices Online)


Syria: masked gunmen beat, break hands of cartoonist critical of Assad regime (boing boing)

Proud World Keep on Burnin’

I think the big story this week is the fact that London is burning. I’m not sure how long it’s going to last, but I’d have to say I’m not surprised. London protests aren’t always the calmest…


Piers listened to voicemails; Guardian editor also used voicemail ‘hack’ (boing boing)

WSJ publisher quits, Murdoch’s British chief leaves as mogul tries to stem hacking scandal (ontd_political)

The Six Worst Things to Happen to Rupert Murdoch Today (ontd_political)

Rebekah Brooks arrested (boing boing)

The Most Incredible Thing Fox News Has Ever Done (ontd_political)

Rebekah Brooks arrested by hacking police (ontd_political)

Fox & Friends lash out at News of the World critics (boing boing)

Met Police Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson quits (BBC)

#hackgate: Continuation of the fustercluck (ontd_political)

Damning 2007 letter asserts that phone hacking was an open practice at News of the World


Nafissatou Diallo speaks out at press conference (ontd_political)

Nafissatou Diallo, Dominique Strauss Kahn, Race, Immigration, and Power (Racialicious)

Dominique Strauss-Kahn: New York meeting suggests accusers could unite (ontd_political)


Court to investigate Lagarde for abuse of authority (ontd_political)

East Africa

East Africa Drought Linked to La Niña (Discovery News)

Help East Africa post (ontd_political) – A list of donation sites/humanitarian aid in the area.

On the Ground in the Horn of Africa (White House)

One of the roots of Somalia’s famine -> American Imperialism (ontd_political)

Latin America

Sustainable Development, Not ‘Green Economy’ (IPS)


Nancy ‘the White Mouse’ Wake has died (ontd_political)

Lest we forget: the amnesia preserving Australian self-image (ontd_political)

Australian police: Man arrested in fake bomb case (ontd_political)


Uncontacted Amazonian tribe may have been killed by drug trafficers (ontd_political)

Poor Brazilian women see job prospects widen


Ford administration wants homeless removed from streets (ontd_political)

Canadian scholars & public interest groups oppose Canada’s Internet spying law (boing boing)

Edmonton teen needed help, not a virtual posse hunting her down (ontd_political)

‘This Place Saved My Life’: Inside the Rainier Hotel (ontd_political)


What the fuck is wrong with some people? (ontd_political)

The buried story of Los 33 (mindhacks)

Chile miners sue government for negligence (ontd_political)


Tibetan monk self-immolates to protest China (boing boing)

Artist Ai Weiwei speaks on conditions of imprisonment: “mental torture” (Boing boing)


Indigenous languages thriving in Colombia (Al Jazeera)


Shepard Fairey beat up in Copenhagen: by thugs, and by local media (Boing Boing)


King Tut’s Treasures Return Home (Discovery News)

Egypt’s iconic antiquities chief fired (Google News)


Experts Baffled by Mysterious Underground Chambers
(Der Spiegel)

Strange tunnels of Austro-Germany (boing boing)

Remains of Nazi Rudolf Hess Exhumed (Discovery News)


Anti-corruption activist arrested in India, begins fast in custody (ontd_political)

Anna Hazare arrest: A million mutinies erupt across India (ontd_political)


Indonesian Survivor of Mob Attack by Islamists Is Sentenced (ontd_political)


More than 250,000 demonstrate across Israel to protest high cost of living (ontd_political)

Israel & Palestine

Boycott the state, not just the settlements (ontd_political)

IDF forces arrest 12 people protesting for social justice in West Bank (ontd_political)


Who is the man living in Fukushima evacuation zone? (boing boing)

Japan Held Nuclear Data, Leaving Evacuees in Peril (ontd_political)

Japan demonstrates against Korean entertainment (ontd_political)

What sulfur particles in California can tell us about Fukushima (boing boing)

Firsthand from Fukushima: Xeni on The Madeleine Brand Show (radio) (boing boing)

Japanese cabinet approves plan to set up new nuclear watchdog (ontd_political)


Preying on poverty – Sex tourism in Kenya (ontd_political)


Libyan Women Challenge Mindset Created by Tyranny (ontd_political)

Libyan rebels claim Gaddafi son killed (ontd_political)

Libya: Britain using Celt mercenaries to suppress riots (boing boing)

New Zealand

New Zealand Parliament may lose Internet access due to insane new copyright law


Nigeria oil spills have created ecological disaster, report says (ontd_political)


Last keffiyeh factory in palestine turns to social media to stay in business (ontd_political)


Filipinos cry sacrilege over art with Christ, phallic symbols (ontd_political)


Poland’s former deputy PM Andrzej Lepper dead at 57 (ontd_political)


The territorial control fight contributes to the humanitarian catastrophe (ontd_political)

Famine in Somalia: The Lives We Can Save (White House)

A tortured choice in famine: Which child lives? (ontd_political)

South Africa

World Athletics 2011: Oscar Pistorius in South Africa squad (BBC)

South Korea

South Korea to abandon “real name” internet policy (boing boing)


Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Bahrain recall ambassadors from Damascus, as President Assad replaces his defence minister. (ontd_political)

Syrian ministry hacked (boing boing)


Thai Tourists Died from Bed Bug Pesticide (Discovery News)