Spinning on our Axis

As always these are just the things that have caught my eye.


Bangladesh: Another Indigenous Girl Raped and Killed (Global Voices)


One-armed man arrested in Belarus for clapping (Boing Boing)


Gay Man Lynched in Northern Cameroon (Global Voices)


Unaware, China’s Handan City Consumed Toxic Water for Days (Global Voices)

Chinese Journalists Demand Resignation of Provincial Propaganda Chief (Global Voices)

Website of a Liberal Political Journal Shut Down in China (Global Voices)

China’s Propaganda Department Threatens to Dissolve Beijing News (Global Voices)

China’s Blames “Foreign Forces” for Press Freedom Protests (Global Voices)

China Press Freedom Campaign Swells with New Rally (Moderate Voice)

Censorship Meets Rare Defiance as Journalists Strike in China (Boing Boing)

Cote d’Ivoire

Ivorian Blogger Questions Government’s Response to Abidjan Stampede (Global Voices)

Democratic Republic of Congo

The Elusive Quest for Peace with the M23 in the DRC (Global Voices)


Ecuador: President Refuses to Inaugurate Wind Farm (Global Voices)


Row over 3rd Generation Contraceptive Pills in France (Global Voices)

Dueling Demonstrations Surround Same-Sex Marriage in France (Global Voices)


India Vows Response After ‘Ghastly’ Pakistan Attack (Moderate Voice)


Japan Scrambles Jets to Head Off China Plane (Moderate Voice)


Technology Helps Kenyans Reveal Electoral Registration Fraud (Global Voices)


Kuwaiti Twitter User Jailed for Two Years for Insulting Emir (Global Voices)

New Zealand

Chinese tourists say crooked NZ tour-operator took them to a “buffet” that was really a church soup-kitchen (Boing Boing)


Shot Pakistan Schoolgirl Malala Leaves UK Hospital (Moderate Voice) —YAH!!!!

India Vows Response After ‘Ghastly’ Pakistan Attack (Moderate Voice)


Vladimir Pozner & Russia’s Own Political Correctness (Global Voices)

Secret Money, Hacks, and Politics of Russian Web (Global Voices)

Saudi Arabia

Public Prosecutor Seeks Flogging for Saudi Women Protesters (Global Voices)

70-year-old man marries 15-year-old in Saudi Arabia (CNN)


Delhi Rape Case Sparks Death Penalty Debate in Singapore (Global Voices)


Twitterer Called to Testify in Spain for Gramsci Quotes (Global Voices)

Spanish locksmiths won’t help banks evict people from their homes (Boing Boing)

South Korea

South Korea: The Secret Agent’s Illegal Electioneering
(Global Voices)


Assad’s Fantasies Fuel Syria’s Tragedy (Moderate Voice)

Nearly 9,000 Syrians Flee to Jordan in Six Days: Govt (Moderate Voice)


Tunisian Army Critic Gets a One-Year Suspended Jail Sentence (Global Voices)

United Kingdom

Nepali Citizen Arrested in the UK for Alleged War Crimes (Global Voices)

Irish town councillor tries to get state-owned piece of art removed from public gallery (Boing Boing)


Zambian Ex-President Banda on his 2011 Election Defeat (Global Voices)

More Madness of the World

So, I missed a week and I’ll probably be buried by interesting/important stories with two weeks worth of stuff to go through. A few things may get missed. Still, here’s what managed to catch my eye.


Interpol adds Gaddafi to Most Wanted list (ontd_political)


‘Hackgate’ and the British ruling class – Richard Seymour (ontd_political)

European Union

EU investigates insects as next big food source (ontd_political)


Australia’s Fair Pay commission to investigate CoS and Sea Org (ontd_political)

Third gender option added to Australian passports (boing boing)


European Freedom Not Fear demonstration in Brussels this Saturday (boing Boing)


Belizean Barrier Reef Sunk by Quake (Discovery News)


Harper says ‘Islamicism’ biggest threat to Canada (ontd_political)

How Chief Atahm Elementary School Became a Success Story (ontd_political)

Canada’s Tories set to reintroduce DRM-friendly copyright bill without consultation (boing boing)

Cherokee Nation

US government warns Cherokee nation not to exclude black freedmen (ontd_political)


China’s village of the bachelors: no wives in sight in remote settlement (ontd_political)

Chinese netizens angered by “princelings” — spoiled children of the rich and powerful (boing boing)

77-year-old woman strips to protest the demolition of her home (ontd_political)

China wants to build a $126-million comic book museum shaped like giant speech bubbles (i09)


Colombia: national ID system mocked indigenous people with made-up insult names (boing boing)


Denmark elects center-left government, first female PM


2 articles on the attack on the Israeli embassy in Cairo & video about Turkey and Israel (ontd_political)

Angry crowd turns on journalists reporting embassy attack in Egypt (ontd_political)


France bans public Muslim prayers (ontd_political)

‘Leak risk after explosion at French nuclear plant’ (ontd_political)


Bonn’s sex meter makes it easy for sex workers to pay taxes (ontd_political)

Bavaria: Fugitive German cow Yvonne gives herself up (ontd_political)


India: eye-scans and numeric IDs to connect the poor to growth resources (boing boing)


ISRAEL Netanyahu Besieged, From Within and Without (ontd_political)

Some 450,000 Israelis march at massive ‘March of the Million’ rallies across country (ontd_political)

Video seen by Catrina Stewart reveals the brutal interrogation of young Palestinians (ontd_political)

Lubavitch school says no black Jews (ontd_political)

Ivory Coast

Cable: UN peacekeepers traded food for sex (ontd_political)


Japan: Kan feared Tokyo would become uninhabitable after Fukushima nuclear crisis (Boing Boing)

Typhoon Talas kills at least 20 as it passes Japan (ontd_political)


UCLA Math Major Fighting in Libya (ontd_political)


Mexico: “Twitter terrorists” face 30 years in prison for inciting panic (Boing boing)

Crónicas de Héroes: positive actions by everyday citizens in México (boing boing)

Wikinarco: mapping narcoviolence (boing boing)

Mexico: two tortured, murdered as warning to those using Twitter and blogs to report narco-crime (boing boing)

New Zealand

Female Australian Prime Minister told to ‘get on the spouses bus’ at International Forum (ontd_political)


PLO official: Palestinian state to be free of Jews (ontd_political)

Sri Lanka

Buddhist monks destroy Muslim shrine in Sri Lanka (boing boing)


Agency forces amputee to prove leg still gone (ontd_Political)


UBS trader in $2 billion loss on Unauthorized Trade (ontd_political)


Scores drowned in Zanzibar ferry sinking (ontd_political)


Turkish Academy of Science to lose its ability to govern itself (ontd_political)

United Kingdom

MPs Vote Through Controversial Health Bill; Dorries abortion counselling reforms rejected (ontd_political)

The end of the NHS as we know it? (ontd_political) [Op-Ed]

Gay blood donor ban to be lifted (ontd_political)

It’s time to abolish the 50p tax rate (ontd_political) [Op-Ed]

David Cameron: parents of truants face benefit cuts (ontd_political)

Is the NHS an ex-Parrot? (ontd_political)

EDL ‘violently attacked’ journalists, claims NUJ (ontd_political)

Health ministers ‘oppose abortion advice changes’ (ontd_political)

Scottish Tory Leadership favourite to “disband party” (ontd_political)

For sale: One Health service (63); moderate condition (ontd_political)

LibDems get to vote on copyright reform, but who inserted the clause saying downloading should be a criminal act? (boing boing)

UBS trader in $2 billion loss on Unauthorized Trade (ontd_political)


Influx of rioters leads to new gang violence in UK prisons (boing boing)

Other side of the globe, right next door

Good news, bad news, and the occasional fun tidbit that catches my eye. I make no bones about the fact that this is strictly a compilation of things that intrigue me.


Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika vowed to make legislative and constitutional reforms (ontd_political)


Why in the Hell can we not do something similar? Oh, wait, “free market”. My BS meter goes off every time I hear people claiming that government interference isn’t good for business. Go read Upton Sinclair. The Jungle, specifically.

I do think, however, that this is something that could be done on a local level. For example, in the state of Virginia. Just think of the reduction of obesity if we make fresh, non-processed food available in the food deserts. And then the attendant changes in health care costs, the rise of… oh, now I’m just being crazy. Seriously, though, fresh produce, supporting local farmers, what’s wrong with that?

The City that Ended Hunger: A city in Brazil recruited local farmers to help do something U.S. cities have yet to do: end hunger. (yes magazine)


Um, excuse me? Canada? WTF?

Elections Canada rejects Tory effort to annul votes at University of Guelph (ontd_political)


You know, there’s a problem when Cuba’s sounding more reasonable than Canada…

Cuba’s president Castro backs term limits (ontd_political)


You know why I’m not an archeologist today? At some point in my high school career, I realized that I would be fighting *forever*. I would have to fight to get my name published without using my initials. I would be in constant fights for funding. I would be fighting to be heard and not patted on the head and sent to the kitchen. And I’d be fighting corruption or bribing officials myself. I knew that and I know it still. I still hate having it confirmed.

Famed Egyptologist sentenced in corruption case

Ivory Coast and Oklahoma

Why the Hell is a senator, who theoretically believes in democratic government, supporting a man who won’t step down from office when the newly elected president is trying to take office? Seriously people. If this is your senator? Get him out of the American Congress. He obviously doesn’t understand the idea of elections.

Inhofe Defends Ivory Coast Strongman With ‘Happy Face’ (VIDEO) (TPM)


I spy, with my little eye, the newest trend in weddings:

Liechtenstein for hire at $70,000 a night (ontd_political)


Homeland of Nero Wolfe. He was a freedom fighter there. This is the sound of the country that created him. Well, they’re official anthem at least.



Funny, we don’t hear much about Qatar in the states. But they’re important. And not just because they have oil. They’re reasonable. Support the values of democracy and human rights. (Something which even the USA screws up on sometimes.) And a good, local voice, is always more welcome talking to the neighbors than someone from half a globe away who starts pontificating.

Remarks by President Obama and Emir Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani of Qatar After a Bilateral Meeting (White House)

United Kingdom

Hey, check it out. The UK decides in favor of right to assembly. And tells the cops that they can’t treat a peaceful crowd as if they’re a riot.

UK court rules that kettling was illegal (boing boing)

How awesome, how terrible, is the world

Some days the world is so overwhelming in its scope that I cannot envision how rules manage to keep their sanity. (Obviously, many of them don’t.)

We’ve got wonderful, terrible, world-changing events going on every day.

Here are a few of the ones I’ve collected. There’s plenty missing – nothing on the Japan reactors and the plume of debris heading for the states for example. There’s nothing on climate change or the US government shut down. (Blame the Republicans who are new to Congress and don’t realize how this works.) Nothing on Canada’s elections. (Hope that works out.)

But I’m trying to keep my eyes on interesting events and not ignore things as the media is wont to do when a new shiny pops up. It just that I’ve only got two of them.


Deadly Minsk Metro Blast (ontd_political)


11 Children Killed in Brazil School Shooting (ontd_political)

The shiny, blue crystals brought pain and death
(Boing Boing)


32 women detained by Henan police for writing gay fiction for porn site (ontd_political)


Women in France defy veil ban (ontd_political)

French Burka Ban takes effect Monday


India’s corruption scandals spawn citizen protest (Washington Post)


Iron Dome successfully intercepts Gaza rocket for first time (ontd_political)

Ivory Coast

UN and French helicopters fire on Gbagbo residence (ontd_political)


Evacuation of war-wounded in Libya: first-person account by MSF nurse (boing boing)

Libya rebels paint vehicles not to be striked by NATO (World Bulletin)

“Text of New Qaddafi Letter to Obama” (ontd_political)

Ex-Congressman in Libya to ‘Help’ Once Proposed Arming Gadhafi (Wired)

The Sarah Palin/Glenn Beck of Libya Emerges (ontd_political)


Epic Mexico march calls for end of US-led drug war, legalization & for army stand down (ontd_political)


Russian Government Blamed In LJ DDoS Attacks (ontd_political)

The spring of discontent

And so, things continue. Here’s some of the interesting world events that have popped up on my viewscreen.


War and video: Some thoughts on the flood of graphic “conflict clips” online (boing boing)


Florida Pastor Burns Koran; Protests in Afghanistan Lead to Deaths, Including Foreign Workers (ontd_political)

UN staff killed in Afghanistan Quran protests (ontd_political)


Ai Weiwei detained by Chinese police (The Guardian)


Iceland seeks to become sanctuary for free speech (ontd_political)


Omagh booby-trap bomb kills policeman (ontd_political)


Reconsidering the Goldstone Report on Israel and war crimes (ontd_political)

Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast conflict: 800 killed in one town on one day; France takes over airport (boing boing)


Iman Al-Obeidi: “Every Day I Am Beaten” (NPR audio) (boing boing)

Israeli weapons in Libya? Andy Carvin and his Twitter followers debunk sloppy reporting, tweet by tweet (boing boing)


Moscow cops confiscate copies of book outing corrupt authorities (boing Boing)


Yemen conflict: “Can you hear me now? Good!” (photo) (Boing Boing)

What a World, What a World

Things keep going a little more cockeyed this year. There’s a possible reactor leak in Japan, there’s fighting all over the place. And there’s landmark struggles even within the US borders. Guess we know why the Mayans stopped trying to predict things. There’s just too much to deal with.

Microsoft switches off privacy for Hotmail users in war-torn and repressive states (boing boing)


Kill Team: Mark Boal’s Rolling Stone profile of US unit accused of murdering Afghan civilians, shooting trophy photos (boing boing)

Cote d’Ivorie (Ivory Coast)

President Obama’s Message to the People of Cote D’Ivoire (White House)


Egypt women protesters forced to take ‘virginity tests’ (ontd_political)

Human Rights Violations in Egypt (ontd_political)


Gov’t to shoulder almost all rebuilding costs in disaster-hit areas (ontd_political)

Ore. shellfish farmer donates larvae to Japan (ontd_political)

Radiation From Japan Plant Seeping Into Pacific (Discovery News)

5 Things You Need To Know About Emperor Akihito (ontd_political)


Now Syria and Jordan escalate (ontd_political)


Where is Iman Al-Obeidi (ontd_political)

Weekly Address: The Military Mission in Libya (white House)

Libya: Woman struggles to tell foreign journalists of kidnapping, rape by Qaddafi militia (boing boing)

NATO taking over Libya mission, Canada in Charge (ontd_political)

Libyan Woman Struggles to Tell Media of Her Rape (ontd_political)

Open Letter to Left on Libya (ontd_political)

A conservative’s guide to responding to Libya: The Republican Flow Chart (ontd_political)

Humanitarian Intervention in Libya? (ontd_political)

Exclusive: Obama authorizes secret help for Libya rebels (Reuters)


Over 25 killed in Myanmar 6.8 earthquake (ontd_political)


“Why Should We Keep America Happy?” (ontd_political)


Now Syria and Jordan escalate (ontd_political)

United Kingdom

UK Uncut occupy Fortnum & Mason and aim to stay for as long as possible (ontd_political)

Front-line report from Trafalgar Square paints a radically different picture (boing boing)

Insider’s guide to the fringe events at London’s massive anti-cuts rally tomorrow (boing boing)

Senior London cops lie to peaceful protestors, stage mass arrest (boing boing)

What really happened @ Trafalgar Square on March 26th? (ontd_political)

Overtaken By World Events

The earthquake in Japan and the imminent nuclear meltdown are all over the news and have taken a rising position (rightfully so) in many blogs.

You won’t find anything on that story in these links. No, this is what’s happening in other countries right now. To me, these stories are just as important and some of them are just as compelling as what’s happening in Japan.


Rejected by Bahrain (boing boing)

Two Protesters Dead as Bahrain Declares State of Emergency (ontd_political)

Saudi Arabian, gulf forces enter Bahrain (ontd_political)

Bahrain’s royals declare martial law (boing boing)

Saudi Arabia sends counterrevolutionary goons to Bahrain (boing boing)


Egypt: female protesters tortured, sexually abused, “charged as prostitutes” (boing boing)

Egyptians Get View of Extent of Spying (NY Times)


Iran threatens to boycott 2012 London Olympics because of logo (ontd_political)

Iran opposition leaders Mousavi and Karroubi ‘arrested’ (ontd_political)


Israeli Gov’t May Deport Children Attending Tel Aviv School Featured In Oscar Winning Documentary (Think Progress)

Ivory Coast

Defiant women march at site of killings (ontd_political)


UN authorises no-fly zone over Libya (Al Jazeera)

Solidarity and Intervention in Libya (Jadaliyya.com)

UN approves military intervention to protect Free Benghazi (boing boing)


Pakistan minister Shahbaz Bhatti shot dead in Islamabad (ontd_political)

Analysts: Political impact uncertain after CIA contractor freed (ontd_political)


Palestinian family in East Jerusalem told to make way for Jewish settlers (ontd_political)


Tunisia interim leaders dissolve secret police agency (ontd_political)


Welsh Assembly Referendum: Wales Decides Today – Two Opposing Viewpoints (ontd_political)


Yemen leader blames protests on US (Al Jazeera)