Books to Read October 2013

Bandette – Paul Tobin and Colleen Coover

Woman Rebel – Peter Bagge

Palmerino – Melissa Pritchard

Doomed – Chuck Palahniuk

The Yellow Eyes of Crocodiles – Katherine Pancol, Trans. William Rodarmot and Helen Dickinson

Good Indian Girls: Stories – Ranbir Singh Sidhu

The Invisible Code – Christopher Fowler

Others of My Kind – James Sallis

Catch and Release – Lawrence Block (Read Sept. 2013)

The Sleep Room – F.R. Tallis

Books Read September 2013

Here we go. I actually read two of these in August, but forgot to put them up there.


Down and Out in Paris and London – George Orwell

Happy Money – Elizabeth Dunn & Michael Norton

Old Friend from Far Away – Natalie Goldberg

Catch and Release – Lawrence Block

Brain Twister – Gordon Randall Garret & Laurence Mark Janifer

Wyrd Sisters – Terry Pratchett

Long-Form articles

“The History of Scary Clowns” – Aug. 1 2013
“The Ancient Roman’s Color-Changing Goblet was Feat of Nano-technology” – Lisa Raffensperger, Discovery Magazine Blog, Aug. 29, 2013
“Clear Eyes, Full Plates, Can’t Puke” – Jon Ronson – GQ, November 2012

Short Stories

“Victimless Crimes” – Charlie Jane Anders, APEX Magazine August 2013
“Piper in the Woods” – Philip K. Dick, Imagination: Stories of Science and Fantasy February 1953
“The Hanging Stranger” – Philip K. Dick
“Beyond Lies the Wub” – Philip K. Dick, Planet Stories 1952
“The Gun” – Philip K. Dick, Planet Stories Sept. 1952
“The Eyes Have It” – Philip K. Dick, Science Fiction Stories 1953
“The Crystal Crypt” – Philip K. Dick, Planet Stories 1954
“Beyond the Door” – Philip K. Dick, Fantastic Universe Jan 1954
“Second Variety” – Philip K. Dick, Space Science Fiction May 1953
“Tony and the Beetles” – Philip K. Dick, Orbit No.2 1953
“The Variable Man” – Philip K. Dick, Space Science Fiction Sept 1953
“The Skull” – Philip K. Dick, If Worlds of Science Fiction Sept 1952
“Mr. Spaceship” – Philip K. Dick, Imagination January 1953
“The Defenders” – Philip K. Dick, Galaxy Science Fiction, January 1953
“The Heist Job on Thizar” – Darrell T. Langart, Amazing Stories Oct 1956
“What the Left Hand… Was Doing” – Darrell T. Langart, Astounding Science Fiction Feb 1960
“Psichopath” – Darrell T. Langart, Analog Science Fact and Fiction Oct 1960
“Dead Giveaway” – Gordon Randall Garrett, Astounding Science Fiction Aug 1959
“Or Your Money Back” – Gordon Randall Garrett, Astounding Science Fiction Sept 1959
“The Outbreak of Peace” – Horace Brown Fyfe, Analog Science Fact and Fiction Feb 1961
“Report on an Unidentified Space Station” – J.G. Ballard
“THe Damned Thing” – Ambrose Bierce
“Unspecialist” – Murray F. Yaco, Astounding Science Fiction Jan 1960
“Collector’s Item” – Robert F. Young, Fantastic Universe Sept. 1956
“Attention Saint Patrick” – Murray Leinster, Astounding Science Fiction Jan 1960

Books Read March 2013

The Big Short – Michael Lewis

Devil in the Dollhouse – Richard Kadrey (this is actually a short story, but it was an ebook, so… whatever.)

The Kingdom Keepers #1: Disney after Dark – Ridley Pearson

Watch Your Back – Donald E. Westlake

Hit Me – Lawrence Block

Move Under Ground – Nick Mamatas

Books Read April 2012

What it says on the tin above.

You Don’t Need Experience If You Have Attitude – Scott Adams
Please Don’t Feed the Egos – Scott Adams

Yukon Ho! – Bill Watterson
There’s Treasure Everywhere – Bill Watterson

Are you Loathsome Tonight – Poppy Z. Brite

Getting Off – Jill Emerson (Lawrence Block)
“The Burglar Who Smelled Smoke” – Lawrence Block (short Story)

How to Write Knockout Proposals – Joseph Barbato

Books to Read January 2012

Yikes! My To Read Pile knows no end!

Betrayal Knows My Name Vol. 1 – Hotaru Odagiri
Tune in Tokyo – Tim Anderson
Fate’s Edge – Ilona Andrews
Empire State – Adam Christopher
Ice Cream: A History – Ivan P. Day
Masters of Mystery – Christopher Sandford
A Week at the Airport – Alain de Botton
Grifter’s Game – Lawrence Block
Illicit Flirtations – Rhacel Salazar Parrenas
Agatha H and the Airship City – Phil & Kaja Foglio
Moneyless Man – Mark Boyle
1Q84 – Haruki Murakami
Dumbing Us Down – John Taylor Gatto
The Unschooling Handbook – Mary Griffith
The Teenage Liberation Handbook – Grace Llewellyn
Flow – Mihaly Csikszentmihali
Maverik – Ricardo Semler
The Kingdom of the Gods – N. K. Jemisin
Cold Fire – Kate Elliot
The Revisionists – Thomas Mullen
The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland In a Ship of Her Own Making – Catherynne M. Valente

Books to Read December 2011

Minor Characters by Joyce Johnson (Rejectionist Review)

American Grown by Michelle Obama

Nova Swing by M. John Harrison

The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey

Getting Off by Lawrence Block (ed. Read April 2012)

I Don’t Want to Kill You by Dan Wells

The Extraordinary Catalog of Peculiar Inventions by Julia Siuts

No Longer Human by Usamaru Furuya

Dearly Departed by Lia Habel

The Artificail Silk Girl by Irmgard Keun

Dog Blood (ed. read 12/15) and Them or Us by David Moody

The Scrapbook of Frankie Pratt by Caroline Preston

Haunted Air Ossian Brown

Monsters in America by W. Scott Poole

The Freedom Maze by Delia Sherman

Deathwatch by Air Berk

The Pledge by Kimberly Derting

The Heights by Kate Ascher

Books to Read Jan ’10

The Cutie by Donald E. Westlake (Antick Musings Review)

Killing Castro by Lawrence Block (Antick Musings Review)

Tattoo in Japan by by John Harte

I Am A Genius of Unspeakable Evil and I Want to Be Your Class President by Josh Lieb (Antick Musings Review)

My Soul to Save by Rachel Vincent

Brooklyn Knight by CJ Henderson

American Nomads by Richard Grant