Manga Review: From Eroica with Love #4

From Eroica with Love #4 by Aoike Yasuko

Excellent book. More twisted adventures. More flirting. More fun. This is a great series. Eroica and Klaus are working together in a continuation from the last book. It’s a definite must read. (Unless one of the future books sucks, I’m not going to bother posting any more reviews. Just read the blasted things already!)

Manga Review: Eerie Queerie 4

Eerie Queerie #4 by Shuri Shiozu

This one actually got a parental warning, but I don’t think it needs it. It’s so dense, confusing and boring that you can’t manage to get to the spicy parts. It needs to be read more than once. I don’t know whether something was lost in translation or if it’s just that boring and pointless of a manga. Feh! Don’t bother.

Manga Review: Descendants of Darkness #4

Descendents of Darkness (Yami no Matsuei) #4 by Yoko Matsushita
This starts off as one of the lighters stories in the series. There’s plenty of humor and the characters are very much themselves, but it’s a view into their lives at the office as opposed to in the field. The final story is more in keeping with the darkness of the rest of the series. There’s murder and mayhem and outright discussions of sexuality. It’s well worth the read, but definitely start at the beginning of the series.

Manga Review: Saiyuki #1

Saiyuki #1 by Kazuya Minekura

This is a modernized retelling of an old folk-tale. That doesn’t mean it suffers in the translation. Very simply, a high priest (with a low virtue level) is set on a task by the Gods, with the help of three youkai to find out why the youkai race seems to have suddenly gone crazy. They must discover who is causing the problems, and what is to be done about it.

The main characters are engaging and I’ll leave it to your reading to figure them all out. Still, I like the fact that the priest doesn’t even pretend to be pious, but is still blessed. And the real world is considered as enlightening as the spiritual. They confront hate and racism without being too blunt about it. And the bad guys give our heroes plenty of time to snark and make witty comments while beating them down.

It’s a fun read, not a heavy one. There’s not a lot of angst, but there is a lot of action. The art is good and the story is engaging enough for me to give it at least one more book before making my final decision.

Manga Review: From Eroica With Love #3

From Eroica With Love #3 by Aoike Yasuko

Okay, cousins, this is probably one of my favorite series simply because it’s just a little over the top. The Major needs Eroica to steal a secret from the Vatican’s vault, so he sends him a Christmas present of tickets and expenses to do the deed.

We discover that Klaus has at least one major enemy and that Eroica can’t keep his hands above the belt when the opportunity is presented. Klaus is also still a wonderful shot, but Eroica can get violent if necessary. (Read, when his Major is in danger. . .)

It’s a fun read and the series is much better by the third book than I’d have imagined when I read the first one.

Manga Review: Descendants of Darkness #3

Descendants of Darkness #3 (Yami no Matsuei) by Yoko Matsushita

Very interesting addition to this story. It seems that our boys have more in common than they think. And the set up for their common enemy is very interesting. There’s a lot of twisted love and hate in these stories. It makes sense since only the most powerful of emotions would create a ghost or spirit willing to do what our boys do. The author keeps dangling hints of the past making me want to either scream, or hunt down some fanfic to sate myself. Can’t wait for the next one.

Manga Review: Descendants of Darkness #2

Descendants of Darkness (Japanese name: Yami no Matsuei) by Yoko Matsushita

This is a much better series in manga and I’m very glad my friend convinced me to pick it up. There is so much emotion and depth in the stories. Since it is a series about investigators, it lends itself to episodic stories. But each of the stories builds on the main characters’ histories. It’s considered an older teen book, but unlike the teen books I read when I was younger, it doesn’t patronize. There are the occasional manga stereotypes, but shrugs that’s part of the charm of it.

I love the art-work style in these books as well. It’s not cheesy and cartoonish like DragonBall yawn. It’s intricate and more like a series of photographs than a cartoon. Check out the series. This is the second book and it’s already better than some first books.