And that’s the news for the week

Things are up-down-sideways this week.
Some really weird doings and some unsurprising doings. And as usual, I’ll only comment if I *really* have something to say.

Google’s semi-annual transparency report: government takedown requests for 2010 (boing boing)


Egypt to IMF: Suck it! (ontd_political)


South Korea to host 2018 Winter Games (ontd_political)

South-East Asia

Outrage as Obedient Wives Club spreads across south-east Asia (Guardian)

United Nations

U.N. Women’s Agency Being ‘Strangled at Birth’ (ontd_political)


Rainbow flag banned in Belarus (ontd_political)


Innovation in education in Brazil (ontd_political)

Brazil rises up for free speech in 40 national demonstrations (boing boing)


Dutch state ‘responsible for three Srebrenica deaths’ (ontd_political)


Our home on Native land (ontd_political)

Ex-Toronto Mayor Hopeful pulls a Michelle Bachmann, spies on lesbians at Toronto Dyke March (ontd_political)


Egypt to IMF: Suck it! (ontd_political)


Strauss-Kahan to Face Tristane Banon Rape Allegation (ontd_political)

Allies of Dominique Strauss-Kahn eye political comeback (BBC)

DSK Rape Case Takeaway Number Five: You Have to Be the Perfect Victim (ontd_political)

Funny, the things that don’t make it into the New York Times (ontd_political)

Slate, you have failed me for the last time (ontd_political)

Still a Case for Trying Strauss-Kahn (ontd_political)

Tristane Banon: “Why I’m pressing charges against DSK.” (ontd_political)

DSK accuser sues NY Post for “prostitute” report (ontd_political)

Before You Judge, Stand in Her Shoes (ontd_political)

French writer to file assault complaint on Strauss-Kahn (ontd_political)

Sources: Strauss-Kahn case near collapse (ontd_political)

Gaza Strip

flotilla opinion piece (ontd_political)

Hysteria, ‘hasbara’ and the flotilla (ontd_political)

two articles on the gaza flotilla (ontd_political)


Greece blocks Canadian boat in Gaza flotilla (ontd_political)


Iceland considers prescription-only cigarettes (ontd_political)


Row after India’s health minister calls homosexuality a disease (ontd_political)


Hundreds in Jerusalem protest the arrest of senior rabbis (ontd_political)


Italian telco regulator grants itself power to censor Internet; Obama administration approves (boing boing)


Bersih 2.0: Rally for clean and fair elections in Malaysia (ontd_political)

The Netherlands

Dutch state ‘responsible for three Srebrenica deaths’ (ontd_political)

For Some With Autism, Jobs to Match Their Talents (ontd_political)

Dutch Move To Ban Kosher, Halal Slaughter (ontd_political)


What is the ‘right’ type of resistance? (ontd_political)


Jellyfish shut down nuclear power plant (ontd_political)


U.S. Expands Its Drone War Into Somalia (ontd_political)

South Africa

South Africa’s lesbians fear corrective rape (ontd_political)


Spanish anti-piracy execs busted for ripping off artists (boing boing)


Swiss group distributes antisemitic flyer (ontd_political)


Tunisia’s Ben Ali guilty on drugs and gun charges (ontd_political)

United Kingdom

NI to claim Rebekah Brooks was on holiday during Dowler phone hacking (Guardian)

British PM calls for official phone-hacking inquiry (ontd_political)

Victims of Terror Attacks are Fair Game in the Quest to Sell More Papers. (ontd_political)

Murdered schoolgirl was among cellphone “hacking” victims (Boing Boing)

The NOTW phone hacking: Milly Dowler and Hugh Grant Edition (ontd_political)

Lee Hall: ‘I will fight this” (ontd_political)

Missing Milly Dowler’s voicemail was hacked by News of the World (ontd_political)

All the news that’s fit to…

Rather, all the news I’ve bothered to pay attention to and magnify, is more to the point. I don’t have comments on some of it. Some of it is stories I just keep an eye on. And the rest just struck my fancy.


2011 Global Peace Index Results (ontd_political)


Taliban kill dozens in attack on Afghan construction site (ontd_political)


..First Nations leaders concerned over ministry change to ‘aboriginal’ from ‘Indian’ (ontd_political)


Falun Gong sues Cisco over complicity in China’s “Golden Shield” – allege torture, murder (Boing boing)


Red-crested rodent reappears after 113 years (i09) — Adorable! I’m so glad that they’re not extinct after all!


Do We Have the Congo Rape Crisis All Wrong? (ontd_political)


Denmark bans Marmite (boing boing)


Strauss-Kahn’s pals bid to pay off woman’s kin (ontd_political)

Dominique Strauss-Kahn: why French women put up with it (The Telegraph)


German police seize Pirate Party servers, looking at Anon’s toolkit (ArsTechnica)

German police raid German Pirate Party’s servers two days before election (Boing boing)


India education: Dalit student suicide (Global Post) — Being an American, and believing in equality, the caste system distresses me. *This* type of report is even more distressing because it indicates that things are not getting better for people at the bottom.

India’s unwanted girls (ontd_political)


Israel approves new West Bank settler homes: NGO (Google News)


Silvio Berlusconi warns Milan could become ‘Gypsytown’ (ontd_political)


16 killed in landslides at Malaysian orphanage (ontd_political)


Palestinians’ Abbas vows UN statehood bid (ontd_political)


Moscow Pride to go ahead despite ban (ontd_political)


Sweden deports Turkmen dissident (ontd_political)


Turkish Website Threatens to Post More Sex Tapes (ontd_political)


Sweden deports Turkmen dissident (ontd_political)

United Kingdom

London’s Latin Americans ‘face exploitation at work’ (BBC)

Wikipedia edits from parliament airbrush Dorries sex abuse row (ontd_political) — The sheer ignorance in Dorries’ statement makes me foam at the mouth, so I won’t say more than be aware of this. This is common thinking, obviously.

Tory causes more outrage with ‘date rape’ comments (ontd_political)

Be Careful What You Wish For… (Scottish election results) (Slacktiverse)

President Obama Speaks to the Parliament in London: “The Time for Our Leadership is Now” (White House)

All the worldly news that catches my eye


Europe moves to end passport-free travel in migrant row (ontd_political) – Papers please. *sighs*


Australian journalist arrested for reporting facebook security breach (boing boing)

Muslim group wants Sharia Law in Australia (ontd_political)


Belarus: opposition presidential candidate sentenced to 5 years hard labor (Boing Boing)


Canada-U.S. border under scrutiny again (CBC News) — Let me state for the record, I don’t believe that tightening security on the Canadian border is worth it. I don’t believe that the “wall” in Mexico is worth the money. I think this is all bull-hockey. In fact, if you *want* to find a way past the border. You *will* find a way. We should be reaching out and unifying with our neighbors, not trying to build fences to keep us apart. “Good fences make good neighbors” is *not the point* if you *read the damned poem*

Canadian copyright collective wants a music tax on memory cards (Boing Boing)

The coming conservative court: Harper to reshape judiciary (ontd_political)


For Chinese, kidney donation is a click away (Al Jazeera)

One-Dog only (ontd_political)

US to break China web firewall (ontd_political) – Okay, so really, this is an American thing, but it’s sparked by what’s happening in China. And it’s actually rather amusing, considering the amount of net control the US wants to enact.


Denmark to lay claim to North Pole, leaked documents suggest (ontd_political)


So technically this is happening in the US, but it’s important to France:

Update on the accused rapist IMF chief (ontd_political)

I.M.F. Head Is Arrested and Accused of Sexual Attack (ontd_political)

Amid global recession, new IMF strategy: raping commoners one at a time (boing boing)

Don’t let Dominique Strauss-Kahn become the victim (ontd_political)


Former Nazi Camp Guard Gets Five Years (Discovery News)

Judge Files Complaint against Merkel over Bin Laden Comments (ontd_political)


Greek officials urge calm after racist attacks (Las Vegas Sun)


Guatemala: 27 massacred, decapitated in Petén by paramilitary drug gang Los Zetas (UPDATED)
(boing boing)


Acid blinding sentence of Iranian man postponed (ontd_political)


QEII makes first ever official visit to the Republic of Ireland (ontd_political)


Who cares if Hamas recognises Israel? (ontd_political)


How Fudai, Japan Defied The Tsunami Devastation (ontd_political)


Pakistan slams US over Bin Laden raid (ontd_political)

Pakistan bombings: Taliban admits Shabqadar attacks (BBC News) – Killing your own is *not* the way to get recruits.


The Long Overdue Palestinian State (ontd_political)

Who cares if Hamas recognises Israel? (ontd_political)


Russia arrests man who ate human liver with potatoes (Yahoo News)

Saudi Arabia

Saudi woman seeks to put women in the driving seat (ontd_political)

Saudi Arabia: A Woman Challenges the Law by Driving in Jeddah (Global Voices)


Nobody expects the Spanish revolution: photos from “Real Democracy” protests in Spain (boing boing)

Tens of thousands march in Spain to protest against austerity measures, banks, politicians (ontd_political)

Update on “Spanish Revolution” protests: riot police surrounding protesters in Madrid (Boing boing)


Syrian dissidents use donkeys to smuggle videos to Jordan (boing boing)


Blackwater founder Erik Prince building American-led army of revolution-crushing mercenaries in UAE (Boing boing)


Uganda lawmakers remove death penalty clause from anti-gay bill (ontd_political) – I don’t even have *words* for how much the idea of this pisses me off.

The Uganda Anti-Gay Bill’s U.S. Roots (ontd_political)

United Kingdom

Nadine Dorries tells child sex abuse victims to ‘just say no’ (ontd_political)

Council removes foreign language papers from libaries to encourage English speaking (The Telegraph)

Wise Wizard telling kids about Teh Gay!. i.e. Fabulous Pride is Contagious (ontd_political) – I love Sir Ian McKellen. This is absolutely brilliant

If Scotland does secede, I won’t be alone in mourning for my country (ontd_political)

UK copyright reforms sound sane, useful (boing boing)

Latitude and Longitude Events


Harper ducks questions on Governor General and coalition (ontd_political)

Stephen Harper thinks immigrants live in ghettos and don’t integrate into ‘western Canadian society’ (ontd_political)


China says Tibetan Buddhist monks “disrupt social order,” forces “patriotic re-education” camps after suicide protest (boing boing)


Last known gay holocaust survivor to receive France’s top honour (ontd_political)


U.S. envoy: Gaddafi troops raping, issued Viagra (ontd_political)

Youngest Son of Qaddafi Is Killed in NATO Airstrike (ontd_political)


Pakistan allows transsexuals to have own gender category (BBC News)


Palestinian Unity Deal (ontd_political)


My father, the hero (A gay girl in Damascus)

Canadian Journalist still missing in Syria (Ontd_political)

United Kingdom

Student Alfie Meadows charged with violent disorder… (ontd_political)

LGBT activists arrested during royal wedding (ontd_political)

On the day of the wedding, this country is undergoing a profound identity crisis. (ontd_political)

Good, bad, indifferent, the world still exists

Things that have caught my attention this week are positive and negative but mostly a combination of both. Maybe it’s just my cynicism showing up, but I’ve been having trouble seeing anything as wholly good or bad these days.


China tells U.S. to quit as human rights judge (ontd_political)

China targets, screws up Amazon (ontd_political)

Ai Weiwei lawyer reappears in China (The Guardian)

China’s “Jasmine Revolution”: anonymous out-of-country bloggers troll the politburo (boing boing)


Egypt’s Antiquities Minister Dodges Jail Time (Discovery)

I am not surprised by this in the least little bit.

Priceless Egyptian Treasures Returned (Discovery news)


US, EU want to delay copyright treaty to help blind people for 3-5 years (Boing Boing)


Reports of a new virus, “Stars,” hitting Iran: son of Stuxnet? (boing boing)


Who did Mossad catch – terrorist or engineer? (ontd_political)

Israeli public figures to sign document supporting Palestinian state (ontd_political)


Two photojournalists killed in Libya (boing boing)

LIFE tribute to Tim Hetherington and Chris Hondros, photojournalists killed today in Libya (Boing boing)

Tim Hetherington, “Restrepo” director, and Chris Hondros, photojournalist, killed in Benghazi (ontd_political)


Thousands stage peaceful pro-democracy protests (ontd_political)


Riots break out in north as Jonathan wins by landslide (ontd_political)


Who did Mossad catch – terrorist or engineer? (ontd_political)

Israeli public figures to sign document supporting Palestinian state (ontd_political)


Russian corruption: crooked officials steal multi-billion-dollar company, $230M tax refund, then murder campaigning lawyer (boing boing)


Security forces open fire as thousands rally for freedoms (ontd_political)

A Statement by President Obama on Syria (the White House)

United Kingdom

Royal wedding: police consider pre-emptive arrests (ontd_political)

Hundreds stage ‘kiss-in’ protest outside London pub where gay couple ejected (ontd_political)


Yemen’s President Accepts Deal to Step Down (ontd_political)

The World Keeps Spinning

The world is changing incredibly quickly. There are more and more reports of sea changes in the middle east. The situation in Libya has its own post. Wisconsin continues to boggle my mind.

Here’s a few links to things you might not have noticed when you were scanning through the overwhelming flood of news.


US Army apology for photos of soldiers with Afghan body (ontd_political)


Where are the UN resolutions to protect civilians in Bahrain? (boing boing)


Egyptian Interior Ministry on fire in aftermath of protest (ontd_political)

Egypt: Amnesty condemns “virginity tests,” sexual abuse of female protesters, journalists (boing boing)


Guatemala first couple eyes divorce over vote (ontd_political)


25 hurt in Jerusalem bombing (ontd_political)

Military Intelligence monitoring foreign left-wing organizations (ontd_political)

The Democracy Revolutions and the Israel-Palestine Conflict (ontd_political)

Statement by the President on the Bombing in Jerusalem (White House)


Pakistani Actress Veena Malik schools a mullah about Islam (boing boing)


And the ethnic cleansing continues in the Palestinian territories. (ontd_political)

The Democracy Revolutions and the Israel-Palestine Conflict (ontd_political)


Middle East unrest: Silence broken in Syria (ontd_political)


Tunisia’s ongoing revolution (ontd_political)


Yemen in state of emergency after protest massacre (Reuters)

the yemen revolution (ontd_political)

Overtaken By World Events

The earthquake in Japan and the imminent nuclear meltdown are all over the news and have taken a rising position (rightfully so) in many blogs.

You won’t find anything on that story in these links. No, this is what’s happening in other countries right now. To me, these stories are just as important and some of them are just as compelling as what’s happening in Japan.


Rejected by Bahrain (boing boing)

Two Protesters Dead as Bahrain Declares State of Emergency (ontd_political)

Saudi Arabian, gulf forces enter Bahrain (ontd_political)

Bahrain’s royals declare martial law (boing boing)

Saudi Arabia sends counterrevolutionary goons to Bahrain (boing boing)


Egypt: female protesters tortured, sexually abused, “charged as prostitutes” (boing boing)

Egyptians Get View of Extent of Spying (NY Times)


Iran threatens to boycott 2012 London Olympics because of logo (ontd_political)

Iran opposition leaders Mousavi and Karroubi ‘arrested’ (ontd_political)


Israeli Gov’t May Deport Children Attending Tel Aviv School Featured In Oscar Winning Documentary (Think Progress)

Ivory Coast

Defiant women march at site of killings (ontd_political)


UN authorises no-fly zone over Libya (Al Jazeera)

Solidarity and Intervention in Libya (

UN approves military intervention to protect Free Benghazi (boing boing)


Pakistan minister Shahbaz Bhatti shot dead in Islamabad (ontd_political)

Analysts: Political impact uncertain after CIA contractor freed (ontd_political)


Palestinian family in East Jerusalem told to make way for Jewish settlers (ontd_political)


Tunisia interim leaders dissolve secret police agency (ontd_political)


Welsh Assembly Referendum: Wales Decides Today – Two Opposing Viewpoints (ontd_political)


Yemen leader blames protests on US (Al Jazeera)